Psychics & Remote-Viewing


The Mind is one of the most mysterious things that science has failed to understand.  Most scientists consider the mind an after-effect of the chemicals and electrostatic reactions in a giant ball of meat in our heads, and anything that we experience through that mind is purely physical.  Yet what modern science has utterly failed to understand is the mind's ability to bridge dimensions in time and space, to perceive things beyond our 3-Dimensional physical world.  Most people have had these abilities programmed out of them at an early age by being told that "seeing things" is a part of their imagination and to disregard it.  Some people have stronger abilities than others, and use these talents to help bridge the gap between the physical dimension and those that lie just beyond our reach.

Below are articles and research related to the subject of Psychic Phenomenon and Remote-Viewing.


 Date  Article  Author
 4/10/2014 Missing Malaysian Flight MH 370
 Irene Allen-Block
 9/13/2013The Psychic Spy ReviewNick Redfern