Astral Perceptions ® is a unique site dedicated to exploring and expanding our awareness of the spiritual world around us. Originally founded by Spirit Rescue International LTD in 2010, Astral Perceptions became it's own Limited Company in 2013. The purpose of Astral Perceptions is two-fold: to network with and support legitimate psychics, mediums and healers throughout the world in order to help bring healing and enlightenment to those looking for guidance. It is also to create a world-wide network of dedicated people willing to come together in times of emergency to help in the search for missing persons, lost pets, and to offer assistance with local authorities on special request cases.

The Astral Perceptions Network

The Astral Perceptions Network is a list of talented psychics, mediums and healers who provide a variety of services to their clients. We are proud to network with this wonderful group of people who have dedicated their lives to helping others using their spiritual gifts. Many of the people in our network do charge for some of their services as is their right to conduct business. Everyone listed in the Astral Perceptions Network are independent business owners who do not pay Astral Perceptions nor SRI LTD for the privilege of having their services listed with us. All we ask of our network members is to be available and willing to assist on emergency cases at no charge as they become available. Some of the services provided by our Network Members include: Private Readings (Tarot, Medium, Past Life, etc.) Healings Hypnosis Other Services To find a psychic, medium or healer, please visit the Network Page to find psychics in your area, or those who are willing to work remotely. If you have psychic or have healing gifts and you want to join the Astral Perceptions Network, please e-mail us at, or please complete and submit the following Network Request Form.

Free Emergency Services

Astral Perceptions ®  is dedicated in helping people in cases of emergency at NO COST to the client. When an emergency request is provided to us, we immediately send out word through our network of psychics, mediums and healers to provide any information that they are able to glean to help quickly resolve the situation. All information will be kept confidential, and any results provided through our network will be handed over to both the client, and where necessary, law enforcement officials. While there are no guarantees that the information provided is accurate, it is our hope that what information is provided is useful and can help bring a quick and happy resolution.

Emergency Services include the following:

  • Missing Children - Amber Alerts
  • Missing Persons over 48 hours
  • Missing Pets

To request emergency assistance through our network, please complete and submit the following Emergency Request Form.

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