Remote Viewing Missing

Malaysia Flight MH370

by Irene Allen-Block


The whole world has been affected by the sad news of the loss of Malaysian flight MH 370. In churches around the world prayers are being offered up for the safe return of the passengers and crew. Millions of people in their own way have been logging into Satellite sites such as Tomnod among others trying to locate wreckage under the sea, while groups of Psychics are getting together to see what they can glean. In the Remote Viewing world groups everywhere are trying to locate the craft. And like so many other remote-viewing organizations, we at The Psychic Spy could not simply sit back and do nothing.

UPDATE 4/13/2014 -- As previously reported with the missing of Malaysia flight MH370 we at The Psychic Spy had our remote viewer look into the situation. All relevant paper data has been passed on for analysis to the organization that our viewer is working with. For this reason we can only reveal what we have been given permission to use, these being the maps done by our viewer on completion of the session and maps produced by the media who were given the positions by the authorities involved.

From the very beginning our viewer was resolute in that the flight path skipped Indonesia rather than cross over the country.  The date shown on the viewer's map in the bottom right hand corner is as shown. The date on the media map of when they accepted the fact that the flight path had not taken the route previously thought but had in fact taken this route, is as shown.

Viewers Map.16th March 2014.

Media Map. Released 6th April 14.  


The viewer previously had located the first two search areas that would come to be ahead of the search team themselves and they were shown in earlier posts on this website.

The viewer's next target was to locate the position of the Black box the maps below shows the position's marked with a cross that the viewer completed following the session. The viewer insisted that there would be two locations where pings would be detected but the second was the one of concern. The first map was done around midnight on the 3rd April 14 at 23.57. The second map was done a few minutes later dead on midnight itself which was then the 4th April 14 this explains the difference in dates.

First viewers map denoting the detection of a ping. 3rd April at 23.57 as shown in bottom right corner:

Second map from viewer showing second detection position at 4th April 14 time 00.00 in bottom right hand corner.Second map from viewer showing second detection position at 4th April 14 time 00.00 in bottom right hand corner.

The next map is one produced by the media showing the positions of the pings and the dates they were detected.




Second map from the media showing suspect areas. 

The mission of our viewer was to locate the plane, and we feel that the viewer has completed this satisfactory.  Unless asked to view another aspect of this sad event, our viewer has finished their work here.  Now the viewer moves on to view events elsewhere in Europe.

UPDATE 3/28/14 -- Did the Psychic Spy Remote Viewer find the entry point of the plane into the sea long before search team.

Today the search team of missing flight MH370  has now shifted its attention to a new area where it is now thought that the plane initially went down. The new area being searched now is on the exact point that out viewer picked up over a week previous and marked on the map by a line. This does not rule out the other map by our viewer that is believed to be part of the debris field with objects being carried on the currents of the area. The importance now of locating the planes Black box is paramount and the reason for the shift in the search area. Here at the Psychic Spy we will carry on doing our part in now attempting to locate the exact position of the Black box under water.


As of Tuesday March 11th in the late evening GMT time, our top remote viewer began a session on the subject. The method used was Scientific Remote-Viewing using eight randomly chosen number co-ordinates. The first step was to sight the target at its last point of contact; the target being the aircraft. Within seconds the observer saw the plane in the air on a tilt as if it was turning. From the position observed the far wing was raised in the air higher and part of the top of the plane was clear to see. Being careful to do this remote view in steps, the viewer decided to take another set of co-ordinates, and this time the target would be to look inside the plane. What the viewer then observed looked like the pilot or co-pilot walking down the aisle towards the rear of the plane; the aircraft itself was still within its turn at this moment. Shortly this person in uniform returned back down the aisle to the cockpit. The viewer once again decided to change co-ordinates and target to look for the nearest land. Seeing a coastline that looked as if a bite had been taken out of it, obviously a cove or bay, the viewer realised without a name to this area that tracing it would be difficult. The viewer than decided that a land mark that stood out would be much easier to find. Again working the session, only one land mark stood out - three mountain peaks on an island. There is always that chance that there were more peaks, but from the position of the viewer seeing this there were three. Researching this piece of news another member of The Psychic Spy came across a photo that looked much like the drawing done by the viewer, three peaks on the Island of Penang. The viewer ceased the session here.

Wednesday 12th March, once again our viewer tried to locate the missing plane, and the first thing the viewer wanted was confirmation of being in the right location. The session started in the early afternoon and the first thing seen was flying birds, mainly white. Research shows that there is a bird park on the mainland known as Penang Bird Park. This park has all sorts of birds in all colours, but the fact of seeing birds flying verified in symbolism to the viewer they had been in the right place. Setting the target, the viewer now picked up on the Andaman Sea and its islands of the same name, heading towards the Bay of Bengal. At this point the viewer felt strongly that the plane had still been in the air. The session was ceased here.

Our viewer had previously determined that the plane's transponder had been meddled with before it was reported in the media, and felt strongly that the plan's disappearance was directly due to human intervention. Although our viewer was looking in the same search area a few days before the authorities themselves, they began to have reservations about doing further views due to all of the media hype surrounding the subject. They were also concerned that instead of picking up on the exact path the plane took that they could instead be picking up on the path the search teams would take in the future, which would lead to the right path. Since these initial remote-viewing sessions, our viewer has been getting strong impressions on the exact location of the plane, but will need to perform further remote viewing sessions before making a final determination.

The rest of our research team has been examining the possible flight paths to help determine where the plane could have gone. There are three possible routes it could have taken; over Thailand, South West over the Indian Ocean, or westward towards the West Coast of Africa.

At this point we do not feel this was a terrorist act. If it was then a terrorist group would have claimed responsibility by now, and either make demands. Although it is possible that the plane has been taken for future use in a terrorist act. If the plane was taken by saboteurs with the intent of ditching or crashing the plane into the sea there would have been some sign of it by now. Surely a note or message of some kind would have been left saying why, otherwise it is a fruitless event. So the plane must have flown to land. But if that were the case then it would have been seen. If it flew up over Thailand there would have been more pings in that area. It could have flown over India into Pakistan and on to Afghanistan. India is a technologically superior nation that could have tracked the plane, unless someone was seriously asleep at their job. But if the plane continued over the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean into Somalia there would be hardly any way to pick up the plane at all, less pings.

We at The Psychic Spy will continue to look into this situation in order to do our part to help find the passengers and crew of Malaysia Flight 370 so that they may return to their families.



On the 16th of March 2014 GMT, our Remote-Viewer once again performed an RV session in an attempt to locate the missing Malaysia Flight MH370. Our viewer had a strong draw to the Indian Ocean and began the session there. Below is a screen print executed on that day by our viewer on completion of the session. It shows the path that the plane could of taken and ceases in the ocean itself.


The latest news is a sighting by satellite what could be two objects on the ocean bed. The date of the remote view and the date and time of the screenshot can be seen clearly in the bottom right corner of the of the image. Again our viewer was confused thinking they could be picking up on future events within the actual search period itself. Until our viewer can see the plane intact or the actual wreckage and location, they will continue with their remote-viewing efforts. The information on this subject was handed over to the appropriate authorities on the day of the view. Our viewer continues to view this subject as well as other current issues in eastern Europe.

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Satellite Spots Possible Debris In Area Where Our Remote Viewer Was Targeting

The recent news that a Chinese satellite may have found possible wreckage from missing Malaysia Flight MH 370 confirms the results of our own remote-viewer who has been drawn to that exact area over the past few days. During our Viewer's sessions they have targeted not only the possible location of where the airliner may have gone down, but they have also conducted views from inside the aircraft during the flight to try and determine the cause of its disappearance.

The below screen shots show the date and time that our Viewer determined the possible location of the missing airplane far south of the original search areas, in the Indian Ocean SouthWest of Australia. As you can see from these screen shots the Viewer's targeted location is very close to the area where the Chinese Satellite captured the floating debris.



During their sessions our Viewer received strong impressions that the cockpit had separated from the fuselage, and that part of the wreckage was being moved by the ocean currents.

Our Viewer was able to see several scenes that depicted a fairly routine flight from the beginning. There did not seem to be any indications of foul play or human intervention. Our Viewer could see the pilots in the cockpit going about their normal routine, with the older pilot seeming to be seated in the co-pilot's chair. The passengers were calm and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Further viewing sessions using the Phase Five Matrix honed in on the emotions of either one or more of the passengers. The levels of emotions that our Viewer sensed from this person or persons in the aircraft evolved from calmness, curiosity, concern, anger, panic, waiting and thinking.

These emotions do not indicate to us that there was a hijacking or any other violent take-over of the aircraft. The natural progression of these emotions are very similar to the stages of grief that people feel during a loss or tragic event. Whatever happened aboard the aircraft, it was not sudden and it took some time before the passengers realized that something was not right.

As was posted in this recent article, one of the theories currently being considered is that lithium batteries were being carried in the plane's cargo hold. These types of batteries are known to be dangerous and could combust or explode during flight. The article makes the case that perhaps these batteries caused an explosion in the cargo hold of the Boeing 777. This may not have been a large explosion, but one small enough that it could have damaged some of the plane's electrical systems, knocking out communications and the ATS. It may have also knocked out the plane's rudder controls, which could explain why the plane suddenly changed directions on a new course southwest. It's possible that if the pilots lost their ability to not only steer the plane, but also to communicate with the ground and alert them to the situation, that they would have no choice but to keep the plane flying for as long as possible, until they eventually ran out of fuel.

Based on the emotions and other data obtained by our viewer, at this time the above theory sounds like the most reasonable explanation for the fate of MH Flight 370. With no ability to steer or call for help the passengers and crew continued flying for several hours before running out of fuel and crashing into the ocean.

We will continue to monitor these events as well as to continue with our remote viewing efforts in the hope of helping bring closure to the families of the passengers of MH Flight 370.



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