by David Rountree?

There is a very real danger in paranormal investigating. No, it's not demons. Its radiation. Specifically gamma radiation.

I am at this point about 85% certain that the cause of paranormal activity is the formation of Einstein-Rosen Bridges. Simply put, what physicist Kip Thorne calls a wormhole. Any sustained wormhole would require exotic matter to stabilize the construct. Problem is, exotic matter, or matter with negative mass, doesn't play well with ordinary matter. In fact, it appears to annihilate on contact, at the particle level. This causes very short duration violent bursts of gamma radiation. these bursts last until the stabilizing supply of exotic matter is exhausted to the point of collapse, and the event is over. But it can last ten seconds, ten minutes, or ten hours. And those present are exposed to these gamma bursts. Gamma is a silent killer. Some of the effects are listed here:

Prolonged exposure also causes cancer. And usually rare forms of it. I am saddened by the loss of another para investigator to terminal cancer. If you are an investigator, and you investigate active locations for prolonged periods on a regular basis, please take precautionary actions to protect yourself and your team. Monitor gamma levels while you investigate. At the very least, wear Radiation Alert safety cards. When they change colors, take a break for awhile. Like a few months. Radiation is accumulative in its effect on the human body.