The following books were authored by SRI's own Irene Allen-Block, and are currently available on and on in both soft cover and Kindle Format


 Among The Spirits


Among The Spirits tells the story of Irene Allen-Block who discovered at a very early age that she wasn’t like the other children she played with while growing up in England — she could see and communicate with spirits! This would lead Irene down a unique and sometimes lonely path of self discovery.

Filled with laughter, tears and frightening visions of the other side, Among The Spirits is a personal story of one woman’s spiritual journey as she travels through the world of the strange and paranormal.

“(Among The Spirits) not only defines the life of Irene Allen-Block, but is also explanatory of what she experiences on a daily basis. Writing a memoir usually involves recall of various anecdotes and personal encounters the author assumes the reader will enjoy and remember. Irene’s personal story not only includes many fond reflections of family and friends, but it also introduces the raw truth of a young girl’s life evolving in an intimidating psychic domain.

- Lon Strickler

 The Psychic Spy

The Psychic Spy tells the story of Eileen Evans, a beautiful young woman and talented psychic who is unwittingly recruited by MI6 to join their new top secret Remote Viewing program “Blue Star” during the heart of the Cold War in the 1970’s and 80’s. Eileen quickly finds herself embroiled in excitement and danger as she quickly becomes a “psychic spy” for British Intelligence.

Finding forbidden love with another agent, Eileen descends into a dark world filled with political intrigue, danger and death. Not only must she cope with the possibility of losing her life, she must also struggle with the very real threat of losing her soul.

Smart, sexy and filled with humor and peril, The Psychic Spy is a thrilling adventure that explores a little-known but very real world where governments use actual psychics to spy on their enemies, and in some cases, even their allies! Using her own real-life experiences as a remote viewer, Irene Allen-Block has created a powerful tale that should entertain and educate readers on a piece of history that has been hidden in the shadows.

Nick Redfern, author of “The Real Men In Black” says that The Psychic Spy is “filled with adventure, intrigue and shadowy characters. As Irene Allen-Block skillfully shows, the mind is a mysterious and dangerous tool."



Demons Dwell: The Tower




By Irene Allen-Block & Mark Johnson


A hidden evil torments a young couple in a small Italian village along the Amalfitana Coast and threatens to destroy their once peaceful lives. As the dark forces close in around them, help arrives in the form of two paranormal investigators – Charlotte “Charley” Elliott-Bell and her assistant Viola Padgett. Using both her psychic abilities and her experience researching the paranormal, Charley works with Viola as they delve into a one hundred-year old mystery while dealing with little known supernatural forces, and quickly find themselves plunging into the very heart of darkness.

The first book in the upcoming Demons Dwell series, “The Tower” is a frightening tale set in a part of the world where evil lies hidden from the bright Mediterranean sunshine, and old superstitions are still a reality.