Brief Explanation of Remote Viewing


Scientific Remote Viewing:

There is a wide belief that all humans are composite beings meaning that we have two fundamental sides: a body and a soul. In the language of remote viewing the soul is known as the "subspace aspect" of a person. Once we pass over our physical body is no more, we are no longer composite beings but continue to exist as subspace entities so the physical realm of solid matter is both separate from and connected to subspace.

Remote viewing is natural, involving a deeply settled mind and always works best when it is not being forced, some say that seers of time long ago were our first astronauts being able to go into a relaxed state and allowing their minds to drift across the universe to perceive what was there with much accuracy.

The intelligence of the soul the subspace mind sees and processes data differently from the physical mind. It is a common mistake when doing this type of remote viewing to believe that you leave your body in no way doe's this happen. What actually happens when you use your subspace mind you are shifting your awareness from one place to another, you are not inducing an altered state of consciousness instead you are following a set of procedures that allows you to shift your attention from one area your intelligence to another.

Being who we are, we need to interpret the data perceived by our subspace aspect into what we can understand (pictures symbols and words). Scientific remote viewing assists the progress of this translation. If we were without a soul remote viewing would be impossible as the conscious mind needs direct physical contact to perceive things. When remote viewing the occurrence is not confined to just visual pictures, hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell come into it and play an important part.

Scientific remote viewing always centers on a target this can be anything or anyone that we need information of. A session starts by executing a set of procedures starting with what is called target coordinates. Target coordinates are basically two random produced four digit numbers (some like to use five...SRI prefers four) these numbers are assigned to the target. The remote viewer does not know what target these numbers symbolize but the subspace mind instantly knows the target as soon as it receives the numbers.

Scientific remote viewing has five phases which follow one after the other during the session, each phase brings the viewer closer to the target.

Remote viewing was used back in the 1970s during the cold war, the United States of America discovered that the Soviet Union was using psychics for purposes of their own and in turn the USA started to train their own team.

Later it developed into what was known as remote influencing, where attempts were made to alter the way of thinking of predominant leaders around the world. It had become a psychic weapon and at this point many remote viewers decided that they did no longer want to be part of it.

Remote viewing is still being used today in secret by many countries and still many choose to deny it. Remote viewing has had some very good results in helping to find kidnapped hostages back in the 1980s and 1990s, also in locating weapons of mass destruction. Currently large corporations often employ the use of remote viewers to spy on their competitors.

Although we have only touched the surface in explaining the protocols of remote viewing, at Spirit Rescue International we are proud to be the first organization of our kind to use this ability in helping people and families who experience hauntings, possessions, etc. With the use of remote viewing we are able to perceive where the problem lies, if it is a modern day haunting or something from the past. The use of remote viewing allows us to transcend time to track back where the problem originates and find the easiest and safest way to clear it.

Psychic Remote Viewing:

Imagine that feeling of drifting along watching the world go seeing the scenery drift past while sitting on a train although, in this case, there is no train. Everything moves so fast unless you mentally slow it down. Concentration - holding the scene is of utmost importance. One lapse and all is lost. As in SRV the conscious mind cannot be allowed to take over. Unlike in SRV this method of remote viewing does not offer you control of what you are seeing. In SRV the viewer is given directions by a monitor. You can attempt to get to your target but this is not always possible no matter how much 'tuning in' you try. The feeling is much the same as SRV and at the end, when the viewers returns to reality, an overwhelming sensation of enjoyment and excitement exists. You realize you have spanned time and space. Some viewers accomplish this state through meditation. Irene Allen-Block, the founder of SRI, has mastered the ability 'to turn it on' when and where she wants.