Client Testimonials


The following Spirit Rescue International client comments were unsolicited:

There are not enough words that mean "thanks" in all the languages of the world that I could choose to express my appreciation for how SRI's basic advice has helped me cope with horrendous situations "right next door".

To that advice, I would add this suggestion: Get involved with helping others by volunteering in some capacity. You don't need to be a member of the American Red Cross or other organizations like it to do something to make someone's day easier -- or to bring a smile to a saddened face. Sometimes, though, it takes simply holding someone's hand and listening to them talk, or handing them a tissue to dab the tears from their eyes. To give a cup of cold water can mean a tremendous lot.

Oh, and yes, you make sure to smile a lot more, too! Think positively about possibilities.

NOTE: I have volunteered at a local senior center for over a year now, and it has helped me close the door on a lot of things in the past that needed to be put behind me forever. A new door has opened, and I have walked through it without any regrets about what the baggage that I no longer carry with me. Some situations persist, but I can face up to them now.
- Sincerely, Judy M., - New Orleans, LA

I would like to express my extreme gratitude and thanks to Spirit Rescue International and everything they did to help myself and my family. I live in the Texas Hill Country and my family and I were experiencing paranormal activity on our property and in our home. It was by chance or divine intervention that I found this talented group of people and I will always be grateful! Everyone involved in Spirit Rescue was extremely kind and understanding when we explained what we were going through on a daily basis. They went to work and came up with a plan to help us get rid of our "spirits" , etc. They were understanding and professional and spent a lot of time and effort to clear our home and property. As of today I can say things are 100 percent better and we are no longer experiencing any type of haunting. I have to say that I would highly recommend Spirit Rescue International if you need help with any type of paranormal situation that you may be dealing with. I will never be able to thank them enough for all that they did for me and for my family. - SS, Kendall Co., TX

Everything here at the house is calm, we are all sleeping through the night with no disturbances, and I'm not gonna lie, IT IS WONDERFUL!!! I am under the impression that all of the things you all have done have definitely made our home spirit free for the moment!! I have been paying extra close attention to every little detail to the house and we all feel like we are finally in the clear and living here 'alone'. The much needed rest has been most welcomed. You are all our heroes and we can't thank you enough for helping us in our spirit rescue. Let me know if you'd like me to send a lengthy letter explaining all the details from before during and after!! I would be happy to oblige!! - SWS, Bee County, TX

1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms." In reading this scripture it was very evident that this is what Spirit Rescue International is all about.

Our family was being torn apart by the things happening around us. Were the things that we had seen, heard, or felt actually happening? My sister had 3 paranormal groups investigate her home as well as a visit from a Priest, who blessed the home. The activity in the home persisted and my sister and her two children of 8 years and 17 years moved into my house. Right away, paranormal activity was occurring in my home. I remember telling my sister, "This isn't happening, I am a Christian, I will not allow this is my house."

(The thing is I know now that, I was a Christian who was blind to the things around me, visible and invisible. Just because something isn't seen doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is bad. Our Lord and Savior, is always being questioned of his existence because people don't "see" him. But the thing is, he is everywhere, his love is "seen, felt, and heard," in everything around me. I know now that the things I was told in church, or by others are not entirely being explained when it comes to things such as this. The only question, I have is, "Why?")

The emotions I felt and the things I had seen were unexplainable. My sister, the children, and I felt like prisoners in our own home. What I mean is, we couldn't talk to just anyone about what was happening. People would say we were "crazy" or that our children needed psychiatric help. We made several attempts to contact others for help as well as for the Priest to bless my home. It was at this time, that I felt abandoned and questioned everything. How was it that I could feel let down by those of faith? Are people scared, is that why they won't help? My prayers continued and that is one thing that I didn't question.

One day my sister told me she contacted 'Spirit Rescue International.' I was, to say the least. very hesitant. I thought it was just going to be one more person telling us they were going to help and then leave us. My sister began to tell me how 'Spirit Rescue International' was one of the first websites that popped up on the page. My sister has done the same search several times, over the year and a half, and this was the first time she ran across it. After she told me that, I knew that the Lord had placed that website in front of my sister and 'Spirit Rescue International' was sent to help us. In the end, they did more than help us, they saved us. I know that there are so many others that have experienced things as our family or know someone that is or has, just know that you're not alone. Thank you, Irene. You truly care about perfect strangers, who in the end, were never strangers at all. EH & SH, Sioux City, IA

For years at this house we've experienced paranormal activity. Flashes of light out of nowhere, the sound of women whispering in such a way that what was being said was not discernible, autographed pictures vanishing for awhile then reappearing, a toothbrush moving back and forth of its own volition as it rested inside of a cup, a mysterious rap on a door of one of the rooms, right after the door had been shut (quite frequent in nature) and towards the end the lifting and moving of a heavy piece of furniture a few inches and then being set down again. It was not dragged as that piece of furniture rests on a carpet and it would have been easy to discern if that had happened. One of the SRI investigators came in and was able to clear the house out in 1 hour! A truly incredible and never to be forgotten experience for me was the unearthly clicking sound I heard from the room he was working from as he was blasting the entities with energy. Sounds from an entity or entities from another dimension. When I think of the fabulous and caring SRI team, for it was a team effort, I think about the old Carly Simon song "Nobody Does it Better", for it certainly applies to them. Thank you Kim, and thank you Irene! - TL, Atlanta, GA

I wanted to take the time to re-thank SRI for helping me put my house back to a place of harmony and positivity. I had experienced too much negative energy and strange happenings. Turns out the house was much older than I was lead to believe and some of its long gone residents had never left. Thanks to Irene, JD and the SRI team, they are now at am I. I strongly urge anyone in need of answers and help with unwanted and unknown happenings to contact them. You wont be disappointed! These people are as good as they come! - DAP, Hunterdon Co., NJ

There are not enough words that mean "thanks" in all the languages of the world that I could choose to express my appreciation for how SRI's basic advice has helped me cope with horrendous situations "right next door". - JM, New Orleans, LA

I just wanted to let you know that I feel SO good this past week. I'm sleeping all night and eating regularly. I haven't had anything devastating happen to me (usually was a weekly - sometimes daily - thing). I'm happy and positive - feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I'm not sure what you all have done but what you HAVE done has freed me from something that had a way of dragging me into negative circumstances. It has been a very rough transition to go from depressed, angry and constantly upset to hopeful, joyous and lighthearted. But it was SO worth the trip. I AM FREE! I thank you SO much for all that you both have done! Much peace and love. - NiQi, Charlottesville, PEI, Canada

I just wanted to say a big, grateful thank you to Irene and her colleagues for all the work you have done in our home. I am happy to say that our home feels comfortable now and our son is back to the happy little person he used to be. The mood in the house is a lot brighter and happier so thank you, thank you, thank you all XX - Jo, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

I would like to start by thanking everyone involved with Spirit Rescue International. I appreciate the time and effort that has been put into my case. It has been a fascinating journey.

Being a paranormal investigator I am usually in the position of going to other haunted locations and trying to document and find evidence to back up their claims. I must say it was quite different when the shoe was now on the other foot. I was left with a helpless feeling. I really needed to find out what exactly was going on in my home. Although I may be somewhat comfortable dealing with the paranormal, it is much different now having my family exposed to this sort of activity. Of course my number one concern was the safety of my family.

I am so fortunate to have found the SRI team, they were exactly what I needed. I didn't need evidence to be collected, I knew there was definitely paranormal activity here and was able to catch some voices or EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) with my equipment, just to prove to myself that I wasn't going crazy and heading for the funny farm. Paranormal activity can make you question your sanity, especially when it is scoffed at by so many in our society.

The team effort in working on my case gave me a great deal of comfort. I no longer felt alone. Allswell ( a SRI team member) reached out to me and provided me with a safe outlet to discuss whatever was on my mind. I was able to discuss all aspects of my case and she really provided me with the support I needed. I am truly grateful to have her participating on my case. She is a very warm, kind, and understanding person who gives a great deal of herself to help complete strangers. You can tell when you talk with her that she is very genuine and really cares,this was so refreshing, you don't meet many people like her in this world. So my love, respect and gratitude to Allswell. Thank you.

Irene was able to remote view and give me a better understanding as to what I was dealing with. Although, I don't have a full understanding of the complexity that is remote viewing, the results have been fascinating.

Irene is just amazing. She is very gifted and I am still just amazed how she was able to feel all the same sensations that I was feeling. I am in Connecticut and Irene being all the way in the U.K. Wow! Time and time again she was spot on. The energy at different areas in my house is so strong I can actually feel a breeze blow on my hand when I place it in certain areas or there is a feeling that gives me goosebumps and makes my hair stand on end. As I stood there that first night not really sure what was about to take place, I hear Irene say "Alright hang on, I am going to try and move it." If you could have seen the stunned look on my face as it either completely dissipated or moved to another area. She then says " Alright I can move it, this is good." I can hear her confidence and her self assurance. I get a feeling of relief that I have found the right person to help me. Irene has been fantastic. Irene is also very warm, caring, and I definitely felt very comfortable with her the moment we first spoke. It's hard to put into words, but I know a good person when I find one. I have the utmost respect for her and the way she approaches the spiritual realm. I will share one experience we had together.

One night the activity had picked up again and this was the first time I felt a bit of concern for my own personal safety. Irene and I together via Skype followed Irene's instructions trying to find the cause of this unwanted activity. We ended up at the storage area closet on the second floor. When I opened the door, I felt an explosive rush of something which I'll call energy for lack of a better term. I felt as though it went right through my body, my hair was on end, I had goosebumps from head to toe. I stood there trying to comprehend what was happening and before I can get a word out, I can hear Irene react to it way over in the U.K. she made a sound like she was quite surprised. It is incredible how I felt it and before I could get a word out Irene reacts to it. As you can read in my case it felt quite negative and believe it was hiding in the storage area. Irene was able to clear it from my house. The activity since that night is like night and day. Thanks to Irene and the whole SRI team I am able to sleep the night through. I have had the peace, calmness and serenity restored to my home.

In closing, I would just like to say that if there is anyone out there having activity and you don't know where to turn, you have come to the right place. SRI is a very well rounded team. Not only are Irene able to remote view your home and relay their impressions to you, but the other team members will research your area to find any contributing factors. Allswell as I mentioned before will guide you through the process. The most important thing is that they are able to do something about your problem. You will not be left with the "Now what?" feeling. They are there for you. When the activity picked up in my house, they took action and helped me. I feel very confident in recommending this team to help you. It also feels very good to know that if I have any trouble in the future, that they will be here for me. If anyone has any questions about my case feel free to contact me and I will try to provide you with answers if I can.

I once again want to thank the SRI team for their continued support and for helping my family and me through this difficult time. I feel like I have some new found friends and that in itself is a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -
PM, Windham Co., CT

Many thanks to you and all your group for coming out to our pub and helping us with the problems we were having, even though we weren't sure exactly what the problem was or if there was anything to worry about. Your team came in and immediately picked up on certain areas of the pub where we were having the most activity. Following a long run of bad luck we are now seeming to be back to normal. There has been no activity recently and I cannot thank you enough for finding out what was affecting the pub.
Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team and we wish you all the best for the future. - N&RM, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, Wales