Spirit Rescue is the ability to help an earthbound spirit
leave this earth plane and reach a higher dimension.

Some deceased spirits have difficulty moving on.


We are often asked exactly what it is that we do. The following is a primer to rescuing spirits.

Many of you may recognise this feeling...the chill in the air and/or the feeling of being watched. You keep telling yourself that it is your imagination, but your gut feeling tells you differently. You know there is someone else in the room, but you cannot see them. You can feel the presence but don't know exactly where it is.

These feelings suggest the presence of an earthbound spirit. You may call it a ghost, but that is not so. A ghost is a memory or residual energy that replays itself over and over, like a battle taking place in a field or a Scottish piper playing his bagpipes on the battlement of some Scottish castle. An earthbound spirit was a person who is now deceased. A spirit whose mind and consciousness have moved to a different vibration to that of ours. For some reason they have not moved on to the next stage after death, and need to be led to the light. Most of us believe that when we die we will automatically go to what some call Heaven or the next stage in the spirit world. This is not always so, we all have free will and have three choices of what we do next.

The first is to move to a higher dimension. Assurance of love, safety and security may be an immediate motivation to the spirit.

The second is to stay earthbound for a variety of reasons. Many will linger until all their wishes, funeral, will, property, etc. are sorted out to their satisfaction or because they have unfinished business that never does get sorted, or just to remain where their loved ones are.

The third is that the spirit has a choice to attach to a living person, but this often causes problems.

There are two types of spirits you may meet, one is a human spirit that is earthbound and the other is demonic, a malevolent non-human entity. A person that is sensitive to energies will be able to tell the difference.

An earthbound spirit is a being stuck between our world and the next that will likely remain until it is helped to move on. Some of these spirits will try to attract our attention by turning lights on and off, making noises, etc. Many of these lost spirits will stay in this grey area for decades. Imagine the frustration of trying to speak with people and not getting any answers and being ignored by loved ones. This is usually the reason they give clues that they are there. They cannot accept or simply believe that they have died.

You may see a spirit who, at first glance, looks alive. You may see a shadow, a ball of light or wispy cloud. Some people ask "why don't relatives already in spirit or other celestial beings come and rescue the lost spirit?" Again, this is a matter of free will.

Correspondence with a spirit is just the same as talking to someone living, the mind never dies and the spirit can communicate. Rescue work is like any other work, you learn as you go along, the learning never stops. No case is exactly the same as another. The circumstances are often different and there are several ways to move energy from one vibration level to another.

The only reward we ever want for the work we do is the feeling of joy, relief, and peace in the client as well as the love, freedom, and gratitude from the spirit as it finds its way home. The pleasure at that moment can never be explained in words.