Teenage Murder


The names and locations of clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those involved. Permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.

Part One 



The house was a large Victorian villa in the centre of London, the family living there consisted of the father Mike the mother Sandy and daughter Sherry aged 14, who had been born in the house. It was 1975, the family was hosting a dinner party and it was on this night when it started to become extraordinary.

During the dinner party Sandy's daughter, Sherry started to complain at the dinner table that she had a headache and felt nauseous. Her mother Sandy, so as not to upset the guests asked her if she could carry on as if nothing was wrong. As soon as the meal was over, she would give her a tablet, make excuses for her and allow her to get an early night with the hope she would feel better in the morning.

They carried on with the meal as if all was all right, when suddenly amidst the noise of chatter around the table they heard a crash. All heads turned toward the cause of the noise, which was over by the fireplace. The picture a watercolour that hung above the fireplace had fallen from the wall and crashed onto the grate shattering the glass. As Sandy went over to the move the watercolour painting to a safer place, she noticed the painting itself had unusual liner laceration marks. Sandy stated that this surprised her; she likened the markings to that of claw marks rather than damage done by the shattering glass.

The atmosphere in the room had turned from warm and inviting to being cold. It was so cold; it felt that if one were to exhale deeply, one would be able to see the water vapour. The room atmosphere became increasingly uncomfortable to reside in. As the meal was more or less finished, everyone retired to the adjacent room while Sandy cleaned up the mess. Sherry had her tablet and was allowed to go to bed.

Nothing further happened that night. Mike and Sandy retired to bed after deciding that other than the little hitch with the picture thatevening, they felt the dinner party had gone well.

For the next couple of days there was nothing amiss in the house. Without warning it all kicked off, the atmosphere in the house to changed instantly. The atmosphere became cold and gloomy again. Sandy made a poignant statement to me when I was interviewing her on the experiences. She stated that the whole place felt sad to the point where Sandy herself struggled with tremendous feeling of depression. According to family members, this was not part of Sandy's character.

The family experienced events that where not the norm in the home. Items would go missing and turn up in the strangest places. Taps in the three bathrooms would all turn on at the same time. One of the bathrooms in particular felt more depressing than the other two. It was in this bathroom that strange noises of banging would be heard, towels amongst other things would be thrown across the floor when moments before they had been in their places. The family had many Plumbers come in to check the plumbing; nothing wrong was established. Even if the Plumbers found something wrong with the plumbing then it would not have answered why random objects have been thrown about the bathroom.

Sherry as a rule was a nice girl, with a pleasant demeanour had begun to have mood swings and temper tantrums. Her father, Mike put this down to teenage years. Things came to a crescendo, when one morning the family came down to breakfast. When entering the dining room they found all of the chairs upside down on the floor and there was water on the floor and no sign of where it could have come from, an anonymity that was beyond their comprehension.


Irene Visits the family home.

It was at this point that the family contacted me; I arranged to visit the house that evening. On arrival, I stood on the porch admiring this magnificent house. At first sight of the home, it felt a bit daunting; there where stone columns that held up the porch canopy above the large double front doors. I stood there for a few moments before knocking, as I needed take it all in. Sandy greeted me as she opened the door. Before she spoke, I was overcome with the energy that emitted from the house. It took me all my strength not turn and run, other individuals would have struggled with high energy and left.

I followed behind Sandy, passing the main stairs that swept gracefully up the right hand side of the entrance hall. I was lead into the living room where Sandy introduced me to Mike and their daughter Sherry. Sherry gave me one of those sneers that are common in teenagers when they are not delighted with meeting a person. Mike excused her behaviour; insinuated that she was unhappy about staying home instead of meeting with her friends. We sat down to talk and Sherry drifted off to do her own thing.

As Sandy was relating all that had happened since the night of the dinner party the room suddenly started to feel extremely uncomfortable. I observed the people sitting opposite to me to see if they noticed the change. It appeared that none of the residents had noticed the change of the room's atmosphere. I began to feel hot and clammy, the atmosphere was chokingly thick. I felt as if there were hands around my throat…squeezing.

As Sandy and Mike finished explaining their experience to me, they began to show me around the house. It was agreed that we would start in the wine cellar first, moving from the bottom of the house and work our way to the top.

The cellar besides being cool as a wine cellar should be, nothing seemed out of order. As did the kitchens atmosphere. The living room this time everything felt normal, the sitting room and all the other rooms on the ground floor felt all right. We all moved upstairs to the second floor. Along the landing into one of the bathrooms, next the bedrooms one by one and into another bathroom, this was the bathroom where most of the activity took place. As I walked in there I was overcome with the negative feeling, the room had an electrical feeling to it. Whilst we stood there talking, we could clearly hear footsteps walk across the floor. This occurred right in front of us, as we listened to this a tap unexpectedly turned it self on. Then a flannel appeared to project itself across the room just missing the back of Mikes head.

After walking through the top floor bedrooms and bathroom, I found nothing amiss. I felt it was my time to go, as I had a long journey home. This house had certainly given me a lot to think about, arrangements were made for me to return at the weekend and stay the night.


Irene resides at the family home overnight.

The weekend soon came around. As I made my way to the house, I noticed a narrow walkway between the house and the next-door neighbour. This area did not feel right. Even though the walkway was paved with, old flagstones that looked original. I believe that they dated back to the Victorian Era. I felt as I walked past the walkway that I was being watched, when I looked I could not see anybody up the walkway.

After the primaries of hellos and drinking a cup of tea were over, I explained to Sandy and Mike that I like to move through the house on my own and make contact with the entity. As I walked around I began to feel the energy of the house, entering the bathroom that was subject to paranormal activity. Sitting on the side of the bath, I began to concentrate.

I could hear the mumble of the Television and voices in the distance, I did my best to shut out this background noise. As clear as a bell, coming from directly in front of me I heard the disembodied voice screaming out loud the word "NO!". I could feel the terror that was being carried with it as she appeared by the window.

Who she was at that point I had no idea, she was clear, solid looking young and pretty girl, with auburn hair. Her face and hair was dripping wet, the sad look she gave me will stay with me always. Within moments, she was gone.

Tuning in to her I realized after all the negative feelings that had been experienced in the house she was not evil; it was her way to get attention. That eventually would lead to the help she needed. I knew she had been beaten and maybe drowned in the bath fully clothed. She was sad as she felt she had bought it on herself, she blamed herself for all the hurt she had caused her family. The guilt she held onto prevented her from moving on. For a moment, we connected and it was during this time that she moved forward and into the light.

I returned back downstairs to the awaiting family. I discussed what I had experienced and Sandy said she would ask around and see what she could find out.


Historical Research of the home.

Sandy's research uncovered that there was indeed a murder at the home during the 1940's. Rosemary was 18-years-old and the daughter of the title-holder of house in the 1940's. It was understood at that she was a socialite; the bell of the ball so to speak. Rosemary bit of a rebel for her day she was never short of admirers, on occasion may have led them on. The night of her premature death Rosemary was at a dance along with her family. A young man also accompanied Rosemary to the dance. It appeared that they had an argument. Rose decided to leave and go home alone.

What happened after Rosemary left the dance no one knows. Police believe that either someone had tried to accost her as she passed the walkway, or someone she knew waiting for her to come home. The assailant somehow gained access into the house. The bathroom the signs of a struggle were everywhere. The police statements indicated that the bathroom was where Rosemary died by strangulation, they thought that the murderer might have panicked and tried to revive her by throwing water over her in the hope that she had just passed out through lack of oxygen.

Sadly, Rosemary's murderer was not found, consequently no one was brought to trial.

Now here, I must tell you this is not the end of the story only the beginning. As I left the house on that night, I knew that I would have to return to face the true problem that was quietly dormant, for now though the house was calm and it was best to let the family make the most of it.



Part Two

It was six months later after the case of the murdered teenager that I was sad to hear that the family had recently had been ill of health and uncanny bad luck. I discovered that Sandy was in the process of being examined at the hospital for abdominal pains. It seemed that the hospital was struggling to find a diagnosis. Mike had been afflicted with depression after redundancy. Sherry had become the nightmare teenager.

I arranged to visit the house if nothing else to put my suspicions to rest, on the last visit I knew that the work had not been completed. Okay, so the girl was gone. The worst part of the problem was still there. It is here I must explain that although I sensed it while at the house previous, it was not at the stage where it was proving to be able to be removed. I only hoped that with all the misfortune the family was suffering I had not left it too late.

When Sandy opened the door, I was shocked at how drawn she looked she seemed to have aged 10 years in 6 months. As I stepped across the threshold, I could hear a radio playing in the kitchen area. The bizarre thing was that the house felt silent. Devoid of all life, it felt no longer like a home just a shell. The life that one would expect had gone. We moved into the kitchen where Mike was standing quietly. He turned off the radio, the usual hellos and cup of tea occurred. As we sat and talked, I could feel the strain had taken its toll on Mike. Being out of work and trying to keep this place going was just all too much.

Sandy explained to me the problems the family had with sleeping. Including the nightmares Mike suffered on a nightly bases. Both discussed how their parental control with Sherry was a struggle. They spoke of her argumentative behaviours, at other times how distant she had become as if in a world of her own. I also suspected they were not eating properly they certainly were not entertaining dinner parties anymore.


Irene Visits the Home

Leaving them in the kitchen on their own. I moved around the house, every room was different to what it had been before; the rooms were cold even though it was the height of summer. The more I walked the more I felt something was following me. My head felt heavy, I felt that it was as if something was trying to control me. I had to get out, what ever this was it was evil with a capital E! I agonised as to how to tell them, the family had been through enough the first time round without having to go through it all again.

That night lying in my own bed, I decided I would have to inform them, sooner the better before this thing reached its peak. I made up my mind to phone them the next morning with the hope to be able to see them somewhere away from the house in the afternoon. Once arranged, we met in a local coffee bar not far from the house.

Interestingly what I needed to say did not come as a shock to them. They knew that my visit had not just been out of courtesy. They also had been feeling the negativity in the house and if I had not come to visit, they would have contacted me. I agreed to stay for a couple of nights with them to see just what was going on. After picking up some clothes from my place, I made my way back to the house that very night.

The House Clearing

I think my visit cheered them up Sandy cooked a lovely meal, for this evening she was like her old self the perfect host. At 10 pm, I retired to bed with the hope that I would get a good night sleep so that I would be able to start working on the house the following morning. Boy was I wrong! I lay there thinking of how I would tackle this problem and within moments, light anomalies were moving around the room. Already in a cold room, the temperature seemed to drop even further. There was no way the lights were coming from the road outside, as the heavy curtains did not allow the outside light through. These lights appeared in the total darkness of the room.

I heard the rest of the family retire. I laid there listening to the silence of the night. Suddenly a banging noise started up downstairs, now I know that old houses settle at night and make strange noises but this was as if someone had a hammer and was breaking up the walls downstairs. As I came out of my room, Sandy and Mike came running out of theirs. We all made our way downstairs to where it seemed the noise had come from. On entering the room just off the kitchen, the noise had stopped. There was something far worse in my estimation, the smell of sulphur.

The smell eventually dissipated. As agreed by all, we returned to our bedrooms. My worse suspicions were founded; I knew I was going to have my hands full with this one. The morning came too soon as far as I was concerned. I had a terrible night only managing to catch two hours sleep. After breakfast, it was my intention to fully prepare for the clearing event. I also needed to consult with a couple of old friends of mine. One of those people, I would find at the cathedral. It was essential that I get a blessed medal of the Archangel Michael and top up my supply of holy water while I was there.

The visit and discussion at the cathedral was successful. I next sort an old friend called Steven, who studied paranormal in depth. Although he knew I am one not to be easily shaken, I asked him to be present with me when I took this thing on.

Returning to the house with Steven by my side, we formed a strong team together. I felt apprehensive about what we would find. It was evident as we walked into the house that Sandy and Mike had some form of argument. Nothing said; you could cut the air with a knife. Steven and I decided to get to work straight away it was late afternoon now and Steven wanted to assemble some equipment.

Sherry was staying with a friend that night. This was a relief to me, as I do not like to have young people about when doing this type of work. Sandy and Mike chose to stay in the kitchen, agreeing to help when needed. Now it was time for me, to identify the area in the house where this energy was the strongest, hopefully it would be where Steven had put his equipment.

Walking around the house was not pleasant at all. The daytime light was fading, despite all the lights being on the house it took on a gloomy atmosphere. I noted that as the weather was cooling down the house was doing its usual thing and settling.

Starting again at the bottom of the house and making our way to the top floor it felt as if the house was watching us. The rooms at the top of the house in the Victorian days had been the servant's quarters. It was in one of these rooms that we again smelt a faint whiff this time of sulphur. At the same time, a dark shadow moved in the room. It became a growing mass, it was not any form known to man. The black mass was not on the wall it was in the centre of the room, the air was swirling. Steven started to move towards it, I moved my hand out to stop him in his tracks. I am not saying he couldn't have walked through it I just did not want to see him do it.

This thing radiated evil, so much it made me want to gag. The smell increased in intensity, my throat burning. I felt its energy as if it was trying to latch on to me. At this point Steven had backed up against the wall. He looked afraid. I felt that it was attempting to drain my energy. I knew it was now or never, I had to act fast!

My energy locked, with this thing it became a battle of wills. I called on everything I had; my prayers were shouted at the top of my voice. I called on my ARCHANGEL with as much effort as I could muster. The pain in my head was excruciating, at one point, I felt as if I was leaving my body. It took all my willpower to stay grounded.

There is not any way to put in to words, just how I felt at this time. The evil from this thing seemed to penetrate into my very bones. I felt faint and weak it passed my mind that this is it for me. I cannot win, I knew this was what it wanted, to destroy my faith and will power. I could not believe my eyes it was morphing many grotesque faces with eyes burning into the very soul of anyone able to see. One after the other it seemed to take shape, as each face appeared the thing seemed to lunge at me. Upon each lunge I strengthened the invisible barrier I had mentally created between us, I rubbed my eyes and again it looked like a Black mass. ..

Then I felt it the strength I had been waiting for, no longer did I feel alone my friend was standing to my right shoulder Archangel Michael. When I knew he was there, I threw the Holy water and observed as the Black mass started to fade. I sensed Archangel Michael move forward, it was over, just like that. Turning to look at Steven's face had bought me back to reality. He stood so close to the wall that if it had been made of foam he would have left the imprint of his body in it.

It was over and the house after a few moments started to change. It felt warmer, by the time we came downstairs and filled the kettle it was more or less back to the way it should have been. We had lost over two hours up in that room, on discussing what had happened Steven told me he could see nothing but the Black mass and the smell. For Steven that was bad enough as far as he was concerned. Steven had been spared my experience, I am grateful for this. That night we all slept well and deeply.

I kept in touch with the family for some time after that, Mike got himself a new job in the city. Sandy's health improved just after that night. Sherry became a responsible teenager and later found herself a pleasant boyfriend. Their life is back to normal and dinner parties are again a regular happening in the house.