Biker Angel

The names and location of the clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those people involved. Written permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.

Alex had been given a Motorbike by his mother for his 18th birthday; he was overjoyed with it just like any young lad who was into motorbikes would be. Alex was a happy boy who never had a bad word to say, he was quiet, gentle and kind he showed concern for everyone's problems a very sensitive person to all people and animals. As a baby he had always been contented and angelic looking, people saw this in him and often commented on the fact that he was to good for this world. A popular lad he had many friends that he was close to and this showed at his funeral, there was so many who attended that people had to stand. Now 6 years after his death his friends on the anniversary still leave flowers and light a candle at his graveside.

Alex spent that summer doing a summer job working hard to save money to pay his way through college. It was Alex's last night before he started college the next day and he had arranged to meet two of his friends in a pub a few miles from where he lived. His friends were there waiting and Alex telephoned them to get a drink in for him as he was on his way and would shortly be there.

The two friends waited and waited but Alex never arrived. His motorbike had gone off the road and into a ditch, Alex died from multiple injuries where he lay. The inquest that was held put it down as accidental death.

Soon after the accident sightings at the scene were reported by passersby's and other motorists, of a young man sitting by the roadside with his head bowed down and his hands placed on the sides of his head.

Six years passed and a one time neighbour was travelling along the particular stretch of the road where the accident had occurred and for himself witnessed the apparition, there he was just sitting there, this had been his first time of seeing the boy and he was taken aback by the vision. Deciding not to tell Alex's mother for fear of upsetting her and knowing that the thought that just maybe her son had not crossed over but was forever grounded would finish her, he made up his mind to contact her sister Cheryl.

Afraid that sometime the news of her sister's son would get back to his mother, Cheryl and partner Richard then made the decision to contact me.

When I received the telephone call I could feel the upset and sense of urgency in Cheryl's voice as she related the story to me, I knew that this boy needed to find peace and it could be that I was the only person available to help. I needed to have a photograph of the boy and waited a few days while Cheryl was able to locate one and the time it took for the Royal Mail to get it to me.

The photo was printed on a copy of the service for the funeral; this was the only photo Cheryl had of what he looked like around the time of his death. I looked at the picture of this very good looking young man with his dark hair and kind eyes and I was overwhelmed with grief. I knew I had to help him pass over.

I arranged for Cheryl and Richard to travel to the actual place that the accident took place and when there to telephone me. This they did.

When the time was right I concentrated on the boy, Cheryl and Richard said they could feel his energy at the spot where they stood, I raised my vibrations and saw the boy standing beside them at the Curbside I saw the motorbike a red one in a ditch near to a tree. The boy looked confused; as I looked back and down the road I saw a dark shape coming towards the trio and raised my energy to stop it before it got to them, I knew it was not of this world. At this time I made a mental note to return to the scene later to remove this mass.

The scene that unfolded in front of me was like being in a daydream I saw the motorbike and rider coming towards me down the road a white van passed it at great speed the motorcycle wobbled and zigzagged at that point and left the road, everything seemed to standstill as if the world was suddenly frozen in time. I then realized that Alex was being shown the cause of his death so he could accept that he was no longer part of the physical world.

Looking back at the boy standing now beside his Aunty Cheryl I could feel the beautiful energy he was sending out the love he was directing towards Cheryl was unbelievable. I called for the light and for someone to come for him, a woman came forth I felt pure love being directed towards Alex I knew this was an aunt of his who had passed with Cancer later confirmed by Cheryl. She held out her hand and as the boy took it he turned to me and smiled.

RIP .. Alex N