House of Surprises

The names and location of the clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those people involved. Written permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.


Carol and Peter were your typical young couple, in love and building a strong foundation for their growing family. Peter was a successful window fitter and Carol a shop assistant. The two met in the village where they had both grown up and had been together for about three years. Their relationship had a strong foundation and they planned to build a family. They now had two adorable little girls: Betty, a two-year-old with long locks of straight blonde hair and a bubbly personality, and her little sister, Judy, a playful and friendly one-year-old.

It was at this time that both had a close relationship with extended family members, so when his young family purchased a home, he chose a two-story house not too far from his mother and aunt Carla. Carol and Peter decided to make the most important commitment together, and that was to get married.

Peter and Carol were beginning to settle down in their new dwelling, just weeks before their nuptials, Peter's aunt Carla and Cousin Barry came to visit them.

Not all was well. Carol first felt menacing feelings. "She felt like there was something there," Carla says, "watching her, and at times this presence would be intimidating." Stranger yet, the two little girls were also exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviours. Betty the two-year-old would sit, talking to someone as she played with her toys, and one-year-old Judy would stare off into a corner of the sitting room in the house and slowly wave as if someone standing there was waving back.

Part One

Carla too, felt the uncomfortable atmosphere during her first visit to the new home. "There was a strange feel to it. Inside the house, it felt similar to the atmospheric changes one feels prior to a thunderstorm; it had an electrical static feel about it. The house felt stuffy, as though the heating was on and no windows were open," she recounts.

A month later Carla and her family revisited, this was just days before the wedding. Carla, her husband, James, and her son, Barry, stayed at her sister's home nearby. We all had tea with Peter and Carol that evening," Carla recalls, "Betty was throwing things; she was only playing, then it started to get a bit silly . Carol spoke quietly to my son and I about all the bizarre things that had been happening in her house. When Peter and his family were ready to go home, Barry and I agreed to go with them. We really wanted to check the house as we were concerned for Peter and Carol."

As Peter and Carol were getting ready to leave to go home. Betty unexpectedly threw an object at Carla; it missed her face by a fraction! In shock, Carla sternly told Betty not to throw objects at people. The look on Betty's face was very odd. "She just seemed to freeze. She stood real still and was looking directly at me; there was no emotion in her face whatsoever. Betty's stare sent chills down my spine, more so when Betty stated, "Who do you think you're talking to?" This was quite unnerving for me." Carla recounts.

This was not the first time Betty had displayed such an icy, blank stare. A couple of days later, Carla broached her experience she had with Betty the other night with Betty's mother Carol as she started to discuss with Carol of Betty's response. Carol cut Carla short; she asked Carla if it was a "dead look." Carla said yes. As it turned out, when reprimanding Betty on other occasions, Betty had given the same dead look to her mother Carol, prompting her Betty's mother to add in passing, "Well, if looks could kill..."

That night, Carla and Barry accompanied Carol back to the home. They went upstairs to walk around and see if they could sense anything unusual. The upstairs contained the main bedroom belonging to Carol and Peter, as well as a front bedroom, and a bathroom. Splitting up, Barry went into the bathroom, while Carla went into the master bedroom. To assist in their exploration, Barry decided to film each room in the dark using his cell phone. While he did this, Carla stood in the master bedroom and closed her eyes. Carla recalls nervously "I started to feel a bit uneasy, then I felt a cold chill at the top of my back and my heart started to beat faster."

She called out to Barry who was working his way from the bathroom to the other bedroom, apprising him of what she experienced. She went downstairs to talk to Peter and Carol, Barry followed a few moments later. Both mother and son bid their relatives goodnight, and walked back to the house they were staying at. On the walk over, Barry reviewed the footage he discovered. "What do you think of this?" he asked Carla. What he showed her was chilling.

A shadow of a person could be seen gliding across the bathroom floor towards the window, then crossing back again. Of course, the mother and son duo began a thorough process of elimination, trying to find a rational explanation and identify anything that would cause such an effect. They had not expected to see such a thing, it would not have been caused by heat, there were no pets in the house, the children were in bed, and it happened upstairs, so it was not someone walking by. "Could it be caused by car headlights? Carla wondered aloud, then shook her head, 'No,' because that would only show as a blurry shadow or light flashing by one way, and Peter and Carol would have noticed such an effect before." The only logical conclusion they could draw was it was a spirit.

The next day, Carla popped in for a quick visit, and to retrieve her coat she had forgotten the previous evening. No one was home, but Carla decided to a look around. "The house still had that pre-storm feel about it," she said, "Once upstairs; I walked around the bathroom, felt nothing; checked the children's room and still felt nothing." As Carla walked into the front bedroom she felt the ominous presence, the same feeling she had sensed the night before. "I stood there, felt the chill on the back of my neck, heart rate going a bit faster." It was when she heard the front door open downstairs that the sensation stopped completely, releasing whatever psychic hold it attempted to place on Carla. In hindsight, Carla admits she may have tempted it. "Carol had told me that the spirit seemed to focus on women anyway, maybe finding them easier to intimidate, so I thought, 'Come on then, bring it on," when first entering. Carla's husband, James, had come in the front door. He accompanied Carla to the home, but took a short detour to a local shop before rejoining his wife at her nephew's home.

Following Peter and Carol's wedding and reception, Carla and her family headed back to their quiet home in Yorkshire on the following Sunday afternoon. Carla still could not shake what she and her son had experienced. "I was very concerned for Carol and the girls. Peter never felt or admitted he saw anything and I knew Carol was to deal with this alone."

Upon returning home, Carla remembered a paranormal programme she had previously watched on TV. In this episode, a medium had exorcised a house of evil spirits. "I logged on to my computer and found a paranormal forum and asked if anyone knew of a way to contact this medium, also mentioning what had happened in Carol's house," Carla said. Within a few days, a man who had read my thread, and had his story shown on the same TV series, said his house had been left in chaos after his episode had been filmed. He told me that a woman named Irene had helped him, and he would talk to her on our behalf."

Carla learned more background on Irene:

Carla discovered that Irene's work went beyond what she understood a normal 'psychic' could do. She found out that Irene has been exorcising homes of evil spirits, sometimes demonic, for over forty years. She featured in several programmes in the UK. Irene describes to her clients about using her gifts: "My work is done mainly using remote viewing and visualization, with the help of spirit. I have never charged for my work, and never will."

Irene is not a boastful person or seeking attention. Everything she does to help people comes from a loving spirit and a caring heart. Her manner and willingness to serve as a conduit that is effective for a positive change. It is reassuring to note that, perhaps due to all the pre- clearing preparation and research, and extreme care she takes, along with the after- clearing programme she employs to follow up with her clients, Irene has maintained a 100 percent success rate in clearing clients homes of spirits and keeping them clear.

Irene knows, even when a portal has been closed, a negative atmosphere or tragic event may attract spirits to a home that has been recently cleared. When this occurs the home will require another clearing again. If that should ever happen to one of her clients, she stands ready to assist them. What she does is part of who she is, and not a hobby or career one chooses to retire from.

Irene's methods are unique, and she finds it only complicates matters when other spirit workers have become involved in one of her client's cases. Because of her experiences, Irene will no longer work on cases that currently involve other "experts." Through experience when there is activity from other "experts," no matter how experienced or well intentioned they may be, can make situations harder to resolve. Often Irene finds that after involvement of "experts" she will often find open portals and vortexes that had been previously were closed by Irene.

Irene has had to work even harder to clean up the results of unsuccessful or ill-advised activity, such as people using an Ouija board to summon spirits, or various other techniques people use that ranged from ineffective, to simply superstitious, to disruptive and oppressive. The less people that are involved, the simpler it becomes. Some spirits have connections to many people and places, and that can make it harder to track them down. For example, in the UK, Irene had to track a spirit, which moved from house to house, one after the other, all down the road. That made it a bit difficult to clear, as she had to figure out which house it was in and when. In other cases, spirits in client's homes followed the "experts" home, or the "experts" left some of their spirit attachments behind at the client's house.

Because of the variety of services, Irene freely provides, some cases rates as high degree of temporary urgency that requires her immediate attention. This occurs normally if it involves children. At times, Irene's case load requires her to work on a few at the same time. If this occurs, Irene informs her clients endeavour to be patient, even if it appears that there is no progress is being made, there is work going on they may not be aware of. Preparing for whatever will be necessary in each case. Every situation gets priority at the appropriate time, in order to be most efficient and effective.

A couple of days passed before Carla heard from Irene. In the meantime, Carla and Barry reviewed the recording at Peter's home. This time, he listened to the audio with the visual images. "As the spirit crossed the bathroom and back, a moan could be heard." Barry said, "I hate to say, 'moan' as in 'moans and groans and chains rattling' that are always associated with ghost stories. I know it makes it seem less believable, but that's what we heard." Sadly, worse things were yet to occur, and it was only a matter of time before the situation became too much for the young family.

"Carol rang me and told me Betty was 'sleep talking,' but it didn't sound like a two-year-old gibberish; it sounded like Betty was talking fluently in a foreign language," Carol recounts the conversation. "That was just freaky." No longer able to wait, Carla immediately emailed the man who previously contacted her, leaving both her phone number and Carol's number, begging him to get the message straight away to Irene. Luckily, help was on the way!

"Unfortunately I was at work when Irene rang," Carla said, "So, Irene rang through to Carol." The trio stayed in constant contact, apprising Irene of recent developments, both with Carol as well as Carla and Barry. Irene knew it was just a matter of time before the pot boiled over. It was imperative to arrange a meeting to clearly determine what entities were there, and how many. Irene's process of clearing is unique: "When I clear a home, sometimes it is necessary to find out what the spirit needs. If it is evil, I get rid of it." Irene also notes, "Spirits go to a place that is suited to their personality and choices they made in life."


Part Two

A date for the clearing was set for the first week of August 2008. Carla and Barry travelled back to West Yorkshire to assist Irene with the clearing. The sense of menacing in the house continued. "Early that afternoon, we went up to the front bedroom and just stood talking. I felt a cold breeze about me again. It moved over me and I felt an icy cold tingling feeling across my breast. This lasted for a good fifteen seconds," Carla recalls. This time, they did not feel intimidated by this experience, "Carol started laughing and said she also had felt that same touch on her breast before. We both laughed so much, the spirit must have realized it was not intimidating us, and just left the room! Carla smirked. At this point Carla's son Barry was also not amused. Carla chuckled, "Barry looked horrified that I would speak about something like that, not because it was happening to me. I think he felt that the kids would feel embarrassed if their parents were to talk about sexually suggestive things." She laughs with a knowing wink, "We're supposed to be too old for things like that. I'm only 46, and not ready to meet my maker just yet. I hope not, anyway!"

That night, Peter and the girls, as advised by Irene, spent the night at Peters mum's house. James, Carla's husband, stayed there, too for support. The group had a cosy evening of laughter, conversation and tea. The mood was calm and relaxed. Later in the evening, when the children were asleep, Carla, Barry and Carol snuck out of the home to begin the cleansing.

The experience was nothing like what Carla expected. Irene took them through an exercise to help the trio identify energy, both good and bad. "Irene told us how to put protection around us, putting the white light over us, and then ask for our spirit guides and any past friends or family members to come forward and help us." The change in the atmosphere was immediate. "We all felt breezes around us, not threatening in any way. It was a nice feeling, and made us feel safe, Carla recalls.

Armed with protective white light, their positive energy, with the knowledge to discern the difference between positive and negative energies, they went to confront the spirits haunting the home and this young family. Irene, who was three hundred miles away in Wales, stayed on the telephone line with them and on speaker phone so they could update as she searched remotely through the home. Within a few moments, the trio and the psychic had identified their first spirit, in the bathroom. "We felt a positive energy, and later found out this was an old lady who had previously lived in the house and was ready to cross over to the other side." Irene, sensing more spirits there, did not send the spirit immediately into the light, opting to wait until they identified the negative energy.

Next, they ventured to the back bedroom, nothing was present. The next stop was the front bedroom, which was the hotbed for most activity. Here is where they found the negative presence, a male, whom Irene sensed was young and scared. They cornered him using the energy from their passed loved ones and spirit guides. Knowing what was happening, the male spirit quickly moved from one end of the room to the other, and then out. They had him cornered again on the landing, outside of Carol's bedroom. Cornered and fearful, he attempted to overpower Carol. "It was if he was pushing her into the wall, squeezing her stomach and pressing her head." Irene quickly instructed them to call upon their spirit guides to move him away from her. Just by telling young male, to leave her alone was not doing any good. He was not taking any notice. Finally, the pressure came off Carol, letting her move again.

Once free, the trio regrouped, checking various appliances throughout the house, appliances that came on and off, seemingly by their own power. "Sometimes the gas rings on the cooker would be on when he was active," Carol recalled. Fortunately, they were now off. After a quick check of other spots in the house that tended to come alive when the spirit was active, they ventured back upstairs, this time; the feeling was even more unusual.

They felt nothing. "We checked all the rooms," Carla said, "We could not feel his presence anywhere." Then, a sound came from the attic. "Carol and I bravely nominated Barry, who wasn't bothered in the least, to go up the ladder, which he did." Immediately, Barry felt the male spirit's presence. Irene, monitoring the situation remotely by telephone and by remote viewing, sent some of her guides to the attic to reason with the spirit, telling him to go to the light. As she did, Barry came down the ladder, and Carol went up. Fearful, and agitated, the spirit rushed past Carol, who lost her balance. She caught control of herself, keeping herself from falling, but came down the stairs.

"Spirits who are fearful, for whatever reason, do not want to go into the light," Irene explains, which is why the ghost ran to the highest part of the house, this is a common occurrence. Irene put a spiritual seal on the attic to keep him from retreating to the attic again. Once all three were calm from the harrowing and dangerous experience, they went back downstairs, turning off the lights in the attic and closing the hatch.

They gathered near the porch, where Carol felt him again. "A chill went through me. I felt around the door frame to check, and there were no draughts coming through to explain the chill." The spirit did not stay there. "When I went back to where I had felt him, he had moved again."

Indeed, he had moved, but to his favourite target: Carol. "Carol and Barry were standing in the kitchen, near the stove, when Carol felt herself being squeezed again, so tightly that her stomach and lower back were hurting." The pressure was so bad on the back of her neck; Carol felt a headache coming on. Appeals to their spirit guides and loved ones to protect them, the spirit refused to relent. "Irene instructed us to recite the Lord's Prayer, from Matthew 6:9-13." After the trio recited the prayer together, the spirit released his hold. Carol still had her headache and decided to take some painkillers. There was a renewed determination from the trio as they went after him again. Carla exclaimed, "He was going, one way or another!"

The trio, with handset and Irene on the other line, ventured to the bathroom where Irene felt he would be, and where they had filmed the activity. Carol went in first. She was immediately was overcome with the presence of the man. "He's here with me now!" Carol shouted through the bathroom door. Fearful for his cousin, Barry began to shout, "Leave Carol alone! Take it out on me, just back off Carol."

This, too, according to Irene, is a mistake. "You have to be very careful what you say. Negative spirits will take it as a challenge, and unless you're experienced in dealing with them, they will accept that challenge." Irene, sensing Barry's impending peril, sent the spirit guides to surround Barry and the negative spirit. At that point, the spirit began to cling to Barry's wrist and upper arm, trying to ward off those sent to pull him away. The negative spirit began to draw off some of Barry's energy to strengthen the spirit's fight to stay in the home.

The trio, including Irene, began to appeal with the spirit to "go into the light," he wouldn't budge. Fortunately, Irene broke the stalemate. "When a spirit refuses to go into the light, it's usually because they are fearful of punishment for their actions. The male had been very nasty towards women in his life, this continued well after his death. This was clearly evidenced on the frequency of his physical assaults on Carol." Irene told the family to forgive the man for what he had done while she called for his deceased family to come and persuade him to go with them.

Who responded to answer Irene's request came as a surprise, "A woman came forward, surrounded by white light. There was an emotion of pure love coming from her. She put out her hand to the man, who seemed overjoyed and relieved to see her. He took her hand and stepped into the light, in that moment, they were gone. Irene drew another circle of light, and within moments, the older woman that lived there was gone. The emotional storm that had been building in the home cleared. This was sensed by all present in the home. Carla recounts, "It was an emotional experience to be a part of something like that, to realize you had helped to do something so special for a troubled soul. Irene does this all the time. She is awesome! What a special lady."

"What you're feeling is the reward for a job well done," Irene commented, acknowledging the contribution of all parties concerned. Irene advised the trio not to discuss tonight what had occurred. Irene explained that this would allow the house to settle and start to heal itself.

They retired downstairs to the living room. They were satisfied the session was closed, and Irene bid all a goodnight. This was thirty minutes past midnight. The trio talked, discussing what had happened, and the swell of emotion filling the home was strong.

The calm after the storm was short lived, as another storm, much more destructive and powerful, began to materialise. "I can feel something else in the house," Carol suddenly told Carla. Without the benefit of Irene's assistance, they began another walk through, starting with downstairs. Nothing was amiss, so they went upstairs.


Part Three

This was where the final battle was to be staged.

"We felt what seemed to be a positive energy, and we all started talking to the spirit," Carla said. 'We didn't see her so much as felt her, it seemed to be a little girl, approximately four years of age, crying." To their surprise, the spirit spoke back to them, engaging them in conversation. According to Carla, the little girl knew the family, and even told Carla she knew she had two other sons, naming each of them correctly. (This was in the form of ESP)

Suddenly, the little spirit girl decided she did not want Barry in the bathroom, asking him to leave. Complying with her request, he went downstairs. As he did, the girls' toys downstairs were going off, playing on their own accord, just as he stepped foot downstairs. The sound travelled upstairs, where the two women stood with the little girl spirit.

"The spirit asked for Carol to go to the children's bedroom," Carla said, "It was then we realised the spirit was trying to split us all up, and we recalled Irene had previously told us "On no account split up, stay together at all times.' That's when Carol and I shouted frantically for Barry to come back upstairs."

Carla continued, "With the three of us back together, all pretence by the spirit was stripped away, from the deceptively innocent appearance and the friendly atmosphere. It changed into a woman, about in her thirties. She threatened us, telling us if we didn't get out, she would hurt us." Scared out of their wits, the trio ran out of the house and into the garden. Amid unseasonably cold temperatures, they tried to gather their wits about them and reassess the situation; finally deciding they would have to phone Irene and get her out of bed.

The evening had already taken its toll on Carol, who had been hurt, squeezed, and choked by spirits, Irene knew Carol could not take much more and still be safe, so she suggested Carol stay outside. Even in the damp and chilling air, Carol would be safer than going back into the house. With Carol in the relative safety of the garden, Carla and Barry went back inside to confront the spirit. The downstairs seemed normal, except for the toys that were still operating by an unknown power source. Barry was unable to turn the toys off, so Irene told him to open the washing machine door and see if there was any clothes in there, then put the toys on top of the clothes and shut the door. This would at least silence them.

They found that the spirit upstairs in the master bedroom, standing near the bed. The group then went back outside, where a shivering and sleepy Carol waited. They brought Carol back inside, laid her on the couch under warm blankets, and Carol drifted off to sleep.

Carla and Barry went back upstairs, where the spirit was. "This was a particularly dangerous situation," Irene recalls. "The portal the spirit used was in Carol and Peter's closet. At any moment, she could have fled back through the portal." Instead, the spirit was standing in between the bed and a chest of drawers covered with stuffed animals.

"The spirit showed herself to me as a little girl," Irene recalls when she viewed it remotely, "When she realized I knew what she was, she changed into her 'true' form; tall, fairly pretty with long black hair jettisoning down her shoulders and parted in the middle. But her eyes were black as coal, and she opened her mouth, screaming and spitting at me." The spirit was not that of a demon, but a negative person. When this woman was alive, she lived around the sixteenth century. While Irene was clearing the house of the first two spirits, this one hid in the portal in Carol's bedroom, which is why Irene did not find her.

What Irene instructed them to do next was a little strange. "This clever spirit was, I believe, the instigator of the chaos. She lived a very dark life when she was alive, pervading every part of her being as something dark," she explained. Irene told Barry and Carla to imagine a cage, one of pure energy that was fashioned in steel. The timing had to be just right, with mother and son acting in unison with Irene as they visualised setting the cage down over the spirit at the appropriate time. Irene also was containing the spirit and keeping her locked in this world and not escaping through the portal again.

"Now!" Irene ordered, and then all three imagined the cage in place.

A few minutes later, Irene pronounced the spirit was gone. So what happened? "After we contained the spirit, I called upon the Archangel Michael to remove it. I saw the cage dissipate, knowing that she had been taken to a place most suitable to her nature," Irene recalled with a satisfied grin.

"I closed the portal just over the closet in Carol's bedroom, which was the source of all the activity. I also did a scan of the house again, just to be sure," Irene said. According to Irene, there were at least five other places in the house where the female spirit had created "false" portals: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the children's room, and on the stairs. The true portal, the real, functioning one, was just steps away from where they caged the spirit.

"The false ones were created to throw me off," Irene said, "and make it appear the male spirit was the one who created them. It happens. Weaker spirits are often be pushed around by a stronger, more negative presence, such as the female spirit. She could manipulate him; control him, to keep her power and true identity from being discovered."

After the clearing of the negative spirit, Carla and Barry went downstairs to check on Carol, who had just woken up from the strangest dream: she dreamed of a cage rocketing off into the sky and then exploding.

The atmosphere in the home was now positive and clear again. Just like when a thunderstorm has dissipated. This time, there is no threat of a returning cloud. Irene explains, "I do an after-care program to make sure there is no negative energy building. I instruct the family not to quarrel or invite people into their home with negativity." Betty and Judy are once again happily playing around the house, and Carol is no longer under psychic attack and expecting their third child.

Carla stays in contact with Irene, who still carries a heavy case load, helping people from America to New Zealand and many places around the world. "Most people will never meet Irene in person. They may only get to know her as a voice on the telephone; she certainly can do what needs to be done. I am always telling Irene how grateful we are for what she did for our family. Irene acts as if it was nothing out of the ordinary for her; it is just an average day's work!