Rescued from Deceivers


The names and location of the clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those people involved. Written permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.


Irene -- This case came to me after a television program had been filmed in John's house; this program involved two psychics who claimed they were able to clear the troublesome spirits from people's homes.

After the program had been made and in the can, all hell broke out at John and his families home leaving them terrified and not knowing what to do, they contacted the television program for help but none was forthcoming.

After the television program had been aired, John and his family was recognized everywhere they went in their home town and one day while out shopping they were approached by two women claiming to be Mediums. The conversation got round to the program and finding out that the family were still having problems the Mediums offered to help.

This is where Johns story begins.

The two Mediums came to the house, looked round and told us that we had a small boy who had attached itself to my son, this we believed as we had seen previously an apparition of a young boy on the staircase.

In May 2008 the two Mediums returned to the house, they bought with them a Crystal Pendulum. They told us that after they have doused the house they would be able to tell us more of what was going on. On their first visit they had told us that it was a young boy but this time they said, the boy was 15 years old and his name was Jack and he had been a chimney sweep also that he was my sons Mark Spirit guide.

We were also told that there was a lady in the house called Elizabeth who was very religious and is protective of my daughter Janet. They said she is the one that unwittingly frightens my daughter, that she was scared because the television psychic had been here and she had hidden as she thought he wanted to send her to Hell. She was telling them that she didn't like Mediums being in the house.

After another 4 hour session the Mediums left. That night we had a bad experience, my wife woke with 2 bad scratches on her leg. When daylight came my wife rang the 2 Mediums about the scratches and was told that they had left a dog with us accidentally (SPIRIT DOG) and it was the dog that had caused the scratches. She also said, that the other Medium had, had a bad experience that night and she would tell us when they visit on the following Tuesday. In the mean time I was asked if my wife could feed the dog until such times as they could call it back.

Tuesday came around and with it the two Mediums returned, on telling their story of that particular night one Medium related that when she had returned home she noticed cushions all neatly stacked on top of one another. Her spirit guide was agitated then a lady dressed in Blue appeared to her in her sitting room.

The Medium told us this was Elizabeth and that she had followed her home and that she had felt something strange in the car. Since then Elizabeth had appeared to her once more and her friend had also seen her. She stated that they could lighten the atmosphere in my daughter Janet's room but they could not send spirits to the light but if needed they knew someone who could. With that one of the Mediums said she would attempt to send Elizabeth to the light as she felt Elizabeth was wanting to go. This Medium said that as Elizabeth was now at her house she would work on her there.

As they got up to go they told us that they would return the next time with Smudge sticks and some more Crystals.

After 2 visits and many hours, we did not feel we were getting anywhere, we had hoped they would get the feel of the place and would be able to sort things out as we wanted an end to the goings on in our house and to return to a normal life. As my family were terrified and unable to sleep in their own rooms. We did not want to keep living this life week after week with things going on that we did not understand.

Maggie my wife and myself discussed the situation and we felt if they could only lighten the atmosphere in the house and nothing more it was not really enough, with the best will in the world if the portal that is in our home can not be shut down by them or the spirits moved on then what was the point of these long visits continuing. We decided to give it one go the next Tuesday especially as they had said that they had us in their diary for every Tuesday ongoing.

Meanwhile during that coming week, someone else came into our lives. Irene had once been a Trance Medium but gave all that up to do rescue work, working for the living as well as for spirit. The work Irene does is on the line of Astral projecting, Remote Viewing and Visualization. Someone had recommended her to us and we managed to make contact. We have had some very in depth conversations and it was not long before we all became friends.

Irene who has appeared on television herself had watched my family on TV and was horrified at the way the younger members of my family had been treated. Now she had got the full story about our problem and just not what was shown on television. I told her about the things that were not shown and how we were left with no help at all the very night the show went out on TV and how things had escalated after the night of the filming when the two television psychics had been filmed in our house doing a séance and using an Ouija board.

I also explained about our meetings with the 2 Mediums and the help they tried to give. Irene explained as this is a gift you can either do these things or you cannot like shutting down a portal or moving spirits to the light and Irene certainly can do this, in fact the more things Irene has done to help us has completely astounded my family. The ability she has, has to be seen to be believed.

As soon as she heard my voice on the telephone she was able to create a sort of energy link and start working straight away. Irene told us that the lady around my daughter Janet whether it is Elizabeth or not is like a door keeper/gate keeper she protects her as best she can only letting good through and trying to keep negative away. There is a young boy but not 15 years old and he is not a sweep or spirit guide to my son Mark, but he is about 11 years old and passed around the 1940s somewhere around war time. He has a very similar personality to Mark so has locked himself on to him. She also explained to my daughter Janet what she needs to do for self help and has given her exercises to work with as she feels she needs to be able to close down.

Irene is different because she has actually done things to help. Firstly Irene is about 500 miles away from where we live and keeps contact with us morning and night. The first thing she done was on our first phone call to her, she lightened the atmosphere in the house, it is hard to explain but the atmosphere was gloomy and we were all depressed with what we had to live with and put up with. Somehow Irene even from that great distance has lifted the atmosphere to a new level its as if she sends spirit to us and completely changes it, so much so, that we can actually feel the difference. For the first time in months my wife Maggie was feeling happy and my kids also noticed the change.

My daughter Janet was at work trying to shut down and unbeknown to her at the same time Irene was working on my daughter on closing her down, because she knew Janet had difficulty trying to do it herself and being open all the time was attracting spirits etc to her. My daughter heard breathing beside her and instantly felt a change come over herself. Irene later told me what she had done and when Janet came home she confirmed all what Irene had said, although she had been a little scared at first not knowing what was happening but says she felt much better and knew that she had to learn to do it herself.

For a while it looked great and we got the best nights sleep we had had that year. At this point it looked very good for us.

Irene had lifted other things too like when my son came home from work to the house he always got bad headaches, one evening he was talking to Irene on the phone and he mentioned this. Irene said, if it was a genuine headache she could do nothing, if it was spirit causing it then she would attempt to lift it, for a while nothing happened then very suddenly Marks face changed and the headache was gone. Irene has also done this for my daughter who at times has a heavy feeling pushing down on her; Irene has lifted this as well.

There was a hot spot in my sons bedroom (neither the 2 Mediums or the television psychics had picked up on this). Irene who had never been into the house knew it was there, she told me to put my hand where it was and told me that good or bad she was going to remove it and bring the temperature to the same as the rest of the room. Irene goes very quiet on the other end of the telephone when she does these things, I held my hand over the spot and it was very warm at first nothing happened but then like flicking on a light switch it was gone and the temperature was normal. This lady is incredible everything I am telling you is true and I am a witness. The most incredible things to tell you are yet to come.

This same evening Irene explained to do the clearing from a distance that she has to have the house calm, not only the spirits but family as well, part of this she had done she had weakened the energy. That night we slept well and felt good in the morning.

The next morning talking to Irene on the phone she said, now that things were much calmer and she didn't want anything she had done to be undone that we didn't really need the 2 Mediums on Tuesday night but as we had already told them to come the previous week we felt that we owed it to them for trying to have helped us, even though it did not work. Boy were we wrong.

Tuesday arrived and the 2 Mediums came around, for an hour we talked. I told them I didn't want them doing anything but when my wife and I were in the kitchen they asked my daughter if she would take them up to her room so they could feel if it was all right, I was very annoyed when I found out about this as I could not believe they went against what I had requested.

The moment the mediums entered the room they looked puzzled and spoke about the atmosphere in the house and that room being very good, they thought it was something to do with what they may have done before but Janet knew it was Irene that had lifted it. They started to use Crystals and Smudge sticks in the room then left and closed the door, all this time my wife and I were unaware of what was happening. They came downstairs and drank their tea 45 minutes later they were gone.

No sooner had they gone then things went bad, Janet told me what they had done upstairs, I got straight on the phone to Irene and told her what had happened, she was very upset that they had done this and she had just got the house settled down and the fact that of what they did could have unwittingly upset things.


Part Two

As I said before, Irene goes quiet on the phone while she is working, she told me to go upstairs as she felt something was very wrong. I went upstairs with the phone and still communicating with Irene all the time went into our daughters room, apart from the horrible smell there was nothing wrong and the landing was fine, so was the bedroom of my wife and myself but then I entered my sons room.

This was one of the strangest experiences of my life, as soon as I entered my sons room I was hit by something and I felt as if I was totally covered with an electric field, it took my breath away and it was hard to speak on the phone. All my body, from top to toe was covered in that feeling of pins and needles the feeling is hard to describe and was very frightening. I backed out of the room and explained what was happening. Irene said the smudge sticks had really wound the spirit up and it had fled from Janet's room to my sons but now it was very angry and she would have to attempt to calm things.

Later Irene told me it was like two forms of energy hers and the spirits, chasing it from one room to another with the help of her guides, whenever Irene was working on it it shifted in to another room, we worked together as we went from room to room I was describing the layout as Irene worked on calming it down.

From room to room we went and sometimes we would loose it then it would be on me again and as I described what I felt was happening Irene would work on it again. This took a lot of Irene's energy, maybe because of the great distance between us. I hope I can do justice with these words to what she achieved slowly the feelings lessoned and eventually it got so we could not find it the feelings were gone.

The spirit or whatever it was had not been cleared at this point but calmed down or gone into hiding, it did not like Irene working on it, thankfully, things were now calm.

I want to mention that while we were chasing it around the house my voice started to go all hoarse then I was struggling to speak, I thought to hand the phone to my daughter but with that thought her voice began to go as well. The other members of my family noticed this and Irene picked up on it and told me it was trying to stop us communicating with her. She said she would help and again went quiet within seconds both my voice and that of my daughters were back to normal. I do not know how Irene does these things but when she does it's almost instant and almost unbelievable but I swear everything I am telling you is true.

Now that things again were calm, we as a family talked for along time and decided that we would not allow the two Mediums into the house again. Whatever was happening in this house maybe something more then anyone first realized and the smudge sticks had stirred things up and I do not ever want to experience that again.

Something else happened that night, after we hung up the phone and was discussing what had happened. My son was worried, he could see dark shapes next to me, then he saw something that scared him. He saw a tall dark shape close to me that suddenly went small and then stretched long and within seconds of him saying this I was attacked by what seemed the same force as I had witnessed in the bedroom. It was very strong and surrounded me I felt like I was being crushed and hit. Chairs were being knocked over as I tried to get away from it and it hit me again and again, everywhere I moved it was all around me. I was being attacked, my face felt strange and my head hurt, all the time my family were seeing dark shapes around me at times I could not get my breath and my chest hurt. It took my wife Maggie to come close to me, she is strong willed and for some reason the thing, what ever it was, backed away. If this had anything to do with us talking about the 2 Mediums I do not know.

My daughter also had got a metallic taste in her mouth and there had been a smell of fish and matches.

We did not go to bed that night but all stayed together in the sitting room. Eventually it reached 3.30 in the morning we had the window open and we heard the birds start their dawn chorus though it was still dark we had got through the night. Thank God.

We phoned Irene in the morning who said, we should have got straight back in touch with her. Irene said, this thing is very clever, this whatever it is, has been fooling people in its appearance and she felt this thing had never lived on this earth plane but possibly be something Demonic. Just then my daughter came across from the other side of the room and whispered to me; "Dad, this is not the little boy this is a demon", her words exact. Irene felt it may have attacked because I had been in communication earlier that evening with her moving round the rooms. She could well be right.

Irene knew that there was only one spirit in the house that of the little boy, but this other thing, more powerful and intelligent and very crafty could hide and fool people into thinking it was something that it wasn't, she had had this confirmed by spirit. She said that the little boy can be moved to the light but this other thing was going to be a battle.

That night Irene asked for the help of spirit to clear this thing from the house, she showed us how to call on the help of our spirit guides and loved ones and to go to bed, she would deal with it from now. We went to bed but that night our sleep was restless.

What Irene was up to this night, she would never tell us, she said there was no need for us to know, but we trusted her fully to solve this problem.

2 AM something happened, unable to sleep, my wife and I were talking in bed, the house suddenly felt busy something was going on, then we heard it as clear as day, a whooshing sucking noise a bit like a Katherine Wheel firework, this was over in seconds but it was very odd, then the feeling of peace just seemed to overwhelm the house.

Irene said there had been a clearing, something had been removed, but we still had to be careful that we are not being fooled and to keep our guards up, and the next few days will tell if all was cleared. I asked what part she played in what had happened during the night, her answer was, very little, I know in my heart that that is not true.

Our daughter seems to have been the catalyst unwittingly but is trying to come to terms with closing off or shutting down.

God only knows what would have happened when the 2 mediums left if my Son had gone into that room that night after it had fled my Daughters room.

The smell of matches my daughter smelt, Irene told us is my father in law Dan, having never seen him she was able to describe him and his pipe that he lit with Swan Vesta matches, Irene said she had placed helpers in the house, Thank you Dan for being one of them, he was the type of person to be standing with us if we were having any problems or been in danger. It would be nice if the tobacco and matches smell carried on.

In a round about way, I would like to thank the Television Program as well because if you had not messed up we would never have known Irene existed.

Irene now says the house is clear and it has been for over a year and as long as we can get Janet to do those exercises everything will be all right.

Irene there is no way to thank you but I am sure you know.