The Roadhouse on Route 66

The names and location of the clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those people involved. Written permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.

One of the cases we have recently investigated as a team here at SRI is the Roadhouse on Route66 in the US. I have decided to give our readers a small idea of what we do and how we work. As you may have read in this Website, we are a team that are made up from what I consider the best from four countries. I would like to acknowledge the additional help of two very talented and special ladies. One from the USA who gave a very helpful Tarot card reading which was the first time that SRI had ever used Tarot readings in one of their investigations and the other from Australia who is a gifted psychic artist and who drew two very accurate pictures to what I was seeing back here in the UK. To these two people I would like to say how honoured I am to have worked with you both and thank you. I would also like to say a big thank you to Van for putting this case our way and to my friend Bella a very important member of the team for the part she played in this investigation.

I was contacted by email on the 12 January 2010 by a client who I will call Alan to protect his privacy. We were recommended to Alan, by a very good friend of ours called Van, who Alan had confided in about his problem.

Alan was concerned about his business, a well-known Bar and Restaurant called the Roadhouse on Route 66. "We are located on what is referred to as a historical site," he said, and explained how the business was not doing well, his words were as if it had been cursed, all previous owners had suffered the same bad luck with the business and could I find out what was going on. On occasion usually, a Wednesday - night that is the busiest and most important night for the Roadhouse things would go wrong.

The outdoor water well pump, which was sited on the grounds also supplied the premises with water would often break down. The air conditioner when needed the most would turn itself off. Both the well pump and air conditioner frequently looked at by technicians, yet the technicians found no faults with either appliance.

Significantly, on the busiest night of the week when the staff lit the fire for warmth, a wind will blow the smoke into the room making it unbearable for the crowd to breathe. This only occurred on this particular night and not on quieter nights when the fire would ample quietly in the background. Alan denied that this was the result of a down draft, and would often check outside for high winds or a breeze that would cause this to occur. It appeared according to Alan that the chimney was clean, the flue sizing was correct for the chimney. Normally when there are high winds or gusts, the rooster tail will fail if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Was this place haunted or had someone cursed it?

Alan who himself has Indian birthright; stated that he had at one time called out to the Great Spirit to tell him how he could improve the business. He felt a rush of cold air go across him a chill came over him like never before. This did not frighten him as he felt it was no threat, Alan believed it was caused by the spirits of indigenous people of America. On reading his email, I saw a chanting indigenous Indian sitting on the ground. I later found out that a chanting Indian indicates a person of power from the past; they are usually a transient spirit that has died in the area or have been buried there. (See psychic drawing below)

Therefore, as a team, this is where we made a start, between us, we researched the indigenous people of America particularly those that came from the area. Discovering there were several indigenous tribes in this particular state and with a bit of hard work we managed to narrow it down to one of two tribes. One of these tribes were often at war with the tribes that lay South of them like the Kiowa so there is every chance that this could have been the cause of paranormal activity,

We also looked into the Geological side and besides checking out the well-known Onondaga cave system, which this area is world famous for. We researched underground lakes and rivers together with over Ground Rivers, lakes and natural springs. We checked for Limestone areas and information on Radon Gas build up.

The geological stress for this area is important in this investigation as the property comes close to the region of the New Madrid Fault; this zone had four of the largest earthquakes in recorded history with moment magnitudes estimated to be greater then 8.0 all occurring within a three-month period between December 1811 and February 1812. The fear and emotions felt by the people of the day would be no different from what we would experience today.

In addition, we have been monitoring and studying the USGS records and found that since 1974 in the particular area there had been over 4,000 earthquakes/tremors. All of this could have contributed to phenomena.

The Civil war issues in the surrounding area during the 1800s were taken in to account; we discovered Guerrilla raids and troop movements devastated the area. Three towns, destroyed by these raids were located close by. One battle took place very near in May 1864, all this and earlier slavery could be contributing to the cause of the problem.

The path that the Route 66 takes it follows across this state established centuries earlier by the tribes, and later by outlaws and settlers as a hunting and trading route. This trail was known too, as the Great Osage Trail. The railroad and later the road builders of the early Twentieth century also used this trail; it is as if time is bleeding through. While checking this side we found some interesting but not useful info on the famous outlaw Jesse James who went into hiding in the nearby cave complex.

This part of the investigation had taken a few weeks and at this point, we decided to alter the way of investigating and bring into the situation the use of our Psychic abilities knowing this would enable us to gain more information.

First was a Psychic Remote Viewing session, when doing this I saw many indigenous Indians walking along a dirt track. This track could have been the Great Osage Trail or the Trail of Tears, I don't know, what struck me was the fact that no one was on horse back they were just trudging along looking dirty, tired and worn out. Native Indians were nomadic and could well of been migrating to winter homes and back, the presence of today's Roadhouse could just have been in the way causing some sort of energy block, was this what I was seeing.

I noticed the clothes they were wearing was not the same as I would have expected, they were wearing skins that still had the fur on, either this is what they wore during the Winter months or they were pre historic Indians. I later found out that this county with its famous river and big springs has many pre historic sites.

During this vision what got to me the most, was the mental sighting of a women who looked so sad and totally drained her hair was dirty and lank and hung down her back she was carrying a child who looked unwell. (See psychic drawing below). With the pre history, early modern native Indians, then settlers, Civil war battles, disturbances due to modern day construction and traffic, this could mean there were time issues, maybe spirit issues simultaneously.

The Trail of Tears was the route of the forced march of thousands of Cherokee and Choctaw Indians among others through this area…..maybe I was seeing this. I must mention here the property stands on the exact path to the west.

I am a strong believer in Advanced Scientific Remote Viewing with the use of coordinates and was trained in this procedure during the 70s when the cold war was at its height; many countries were using this technique the US Russia and GB alike. The work we do here at Spirit Rescue International the use of ASRV comes in very helpful and was put into use on this case. Although I had quite a few hits on the target, which have been, confirmed by Alan I felt the session was not going as well as I had hoped and declared the session a failure. Another attempt is to take place in a few weeks.

The Tarot card reading was very accurate to the investigation and the problem. No information on this case either where it was or what it was, were given to the reader. The insight we received from this reading helped to move the case on.

So far as we can see to be the problem or at least part of it in this case is the mix of two energies, like fire and wind put together and what do you have … trouble.

The first energy being on the outside of the Roadhouse, over the years this land has suffered many problems and upsets in turn creating an unbalanced energy not necessary negative but unsettled. The presence of Native Spirits keeps it to a degree bearable. With the house built on this land this energy seeps into the building. The main town grew and moved closer to Route 66 after it opened. Today many businesses have closed down there are many boarded up premises all this could be a contributing factor to the unease of the energy.

In the Roadhouse there is a very high energy caused over many years of what has been going on such as heavy metal music, drinking and the odd dispute the Roadhouse itself has also been remodelled. Again not necessarily negative as in evil, but different, where these two energies meet (the house) is where they clash, causing all sorts of ill luck and problems. The energies can be balanced which will improve the situation though unless certain instructions are not adhered to the problem will re occur.

As of yet no entity has been found haunting the house and this case is still on going. Another Remote Viewing session is imminent.

The outcome of this case will be printed on to the Website when we are sure we have investigated all avenues.

The name Roadhouse was made famous by the film of the same name, which starred the late actor Patrick Swayze.