The Future of the Paranormal Is Now

by David Rountree

The following article was written by David Rountree and posted on his website at S.P.I.R.I.T.


As some of you know, I have been championing the array concept in collecting data for the past year now, ever since my association with Timothy Hart of the MESA project began last February. Tim is a pioneering my book, having collected twelve different data points at various investigations around the Midwest for some time. Recently, I was admitted into the International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA). I hope to contribute to sensor design, which will open new realms of data acquisition as it applies to this field.

The future of paranormal research will be in data logging. Data Loggers are devices that allow you to graph multiple sensors in real time on a laptop computer. With a time base on events, you will be able to correlate everything as it happens. Sensors can be run some distance from the logger, allowing the remote placement of the devices without a human being relatively close to the array. We are currently experimenting with the Measurement Computing's USB-1208FS, a USB-based DAQ module with 8 analog input channels, up to 12-bit resolution, 50 kS/s, two D/A outputs and 16 DIO bits.

This means we now have the ability to form a complete picture of what is occurring in the environment around a paranormal event. In other words, instead of finding an EMF "spike", or a radiation "spike", we will be able to have in our case up to 16 sensor inputs of real time data during the event that can be correlated with audio, video, and photographic evidence, all with a time signature for correlation. We will have more data at our finger tips during an event than anyone has ever had in the history of paranormal investigations. We will be able to analyze events in real time, so we can be specifically reactive to a specific event. We may have the ability to identify precursors of the event, as well as effects of the event. It is certainly an exciting time. I foresee in the next five years that many research organizations will go to the data logging format for many reasons. Establishing a database will be much easier. Evidence, will be very difficult if not impossible to fake. Anything captured, will have a great deal of scientific weight. Ghost Hunting has entered the 21stcentury!

There are some drawbacks. Suitable sensors in some of the areas we have been measuring do not exist. Yet. Hopefully I can drive the development of these sensors. But, there are a number of suitable device is out there to begin studying the effects of paranormal phenomena.

We have finally assembled an outstanding team of individuals who will be the next pioneers in this field. We have developed a think tank process which has driven us to develop new devices to measure things no one has thought to measure. Our initial work has proved promising. With the ability to create real time data "maps" our ability to understand what goes on when the laws of physics seem to be suspended will increase, I believe, dramatically. It is only a matter of time before the blanks in the equation are filled in. And then it will be up to others to duplicate the findings, over and over again, until a scientific consensus can be made.

We are nearly there. The future is now.


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