Divisions of SRI


In the past few years, Spirit Rescue International has grown to become one of the largest and far-reaching paranormal research groups in the world.  In that time we have branched off to create new organizations under the SRI banner that are uniquely different, yet still follow the values of our parent company.

Below is a list of the other divisions of Spirit Rescue International LTD:



The Supernatural Analysis and Research Institute (SARI) is a center for higher learning that you will not find on any college campus or state-sanctioned institution. Instead, SARI is a growing collection of free-thinkers who are not satisfied with the standard explanations of our highly strange and fascinating multi-verse provided by mainstream science or religions.

SARI Webpages: http://www.sarinstitute.com/page3.htm


Glannant Ty is a unique publishing company that handles all types of alternative ideas and material. Our mission is to bring to the public the latest fiction and non-fiction topics with a focus on alternative views and thinking "outside the box". Our topics include the paranormal, New Age, metaphysical, Fortean topics, Cryptozoology, Alternative Archeology, Ancient Aliens, and much more.

 Website: http://www.glannantty.com


The Psychic Spy is one of the fastest growing news sites on the Internet that caters directly to the Intelligence community.  Inspired by the novel written by site founder Irene Allen-Block, The Psychic Spy has quickly taken on a life of its own as we strive to bring the latest, up-to-date declassified news and information to both the Intelligence community as well as the general public.

Website: http://www.thepsychicspy.com


Unknown Origins Radio is a weekly Internet radio show where we discuss everything having to do with the strange and paranormal - from ghosts and spirits, UFO's, Bigfoot and other strange creatures, as well as the latest in unusual scientific discoveries. We interview some of the top authors, researchers and experiencers in the paranormal field, and break down the information for both skeptics and believers alike.

Website: http://www.unknownoriginsradio.com


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