The 16th Century Cottage

The names and location of the clients accounts has been changed to protect the identity of those people involved. Written permission to share their experiences have been obtained by the client.


This case is another illustration of where a family has experienced rebound paranormal events in the home after inviting in a Paranormal Television Program to film the paranormal events occurring at the house. The Paranormal Television Program assured the family that the medium starring in the episode would clear the property of any unwanted spiritual guests. This medium attempted an Exorcism and used an Ouija board. Regrettably, as most programs such as these tend to make the existing situation far worse for the residents.

Harriet and Marcus moved into the beautiful 16th century cottage situated in the idyllic countryside of the Lake District in the UK. The cottage had many lovely old features, retaining many original features including Inglenook fireplace and beamed ceilings.

For the first six months, the house offered what all-new house owners would expect. The cottage felt warm, cosy and inviting. Harriet loved the home so much she spent many hours designing the rooms, putting her "mark on it". Whilst Harriet was busy cleaning the bedrooms, she heard footsteps on the stairs. Harriet moved out of the bedroom quickly to investigate thinking there was an intruder in the cottage. This was the beginning.

Now in Harriet's own words the story unfolds.

When I heard the footsteps coming up the staircase the first time, my first instinct was that we had an intruder. I was afraid at the time. I could not understand why my dog had not barked, as he had been downstairs, if anyone had come in surely he would have seen or heard them. I searched the house from top to bottom and could find no one. I realised early with that event that it would not have been Marcus as he was at work, anyway he always calls out when he comes home…"Its only me"…he would say.

After this event, we would hear the sound of footsteps every day. To the point that we gave our invisible guest a nick name "Edward". As time went by, one night while in bed, I heard the footsteps again. Now this was strange as normally I would here them during the daytime, so with this in mind both Marcus and I decided to go investigate. On opening the bedroom door and looking out on the direction of the staircase, we witnessed the true culprit of the footsteps. There standing in front of us was the apparition of a Monk.

Marcus and I were taken aback with the image in front of us. I could not believe my eyes as we watched he got to a few steps from the top of the stairs and just like that, he was gone. There was not anything neither of us could do, we both retired back to bed and try to sleep, not that I slept a great deal.

Morning came and I was straight on the internet to try to find some information on our night time guest. May be I am right or maybe wrong, what I did find out that the nearest Monastery was a place called Weatheral Priory. This was a Benedictine Priory, made of Red Sandstone and built in the 12th century. Interestingly the gatehouse still stands today after surviving the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century. The Priory was home to the Parish Vicarage. During the medieval times, accused criminals could avoid punishment if they joined up to fight against the Scots here.

Could this of been where our Monk came from? Why was he at our cottage? The only thing that came to mind was that during the time of the Dissolution, it was illegal for anyone to practice the Catholic faith. Therefore, Masses held were in secret in ordinary homes. Many of these homes had "priest holes" where those taking part could hide from being discovered and put on trial.

Now from the time of the sighting of the Monk on the staircase things began to worsen in the cottage, no longer was the feel of the cottage cosy and comfortable it became cold and uninviting, it was as if the house was angry.

Another phenomenon we experienced and still do to this day is the back door banging as if someone had gone out of the house and slammed the door behind them. This happens two or three times a day and at first, it drove us crazy. To the point we kept running out into the garden to see if anyone had just left the house, now we are used to it.

Once I came in from the kitchen into the sitting room and came face to face with the apparition of a young man standing there, before I could think he was gone. Now if he is the door banger I do not know. The history of the cottage is from the 1800's. Three sisters lived in the cottage; one had a young man who was very jealous of her. From what I have been told he went into a rage one day over the attention, she had received from another man and killed her in the middle bedroom upstairs. According to history, her murder occurred on a day when the rest of the family was at the church service in the village. He was so overcome with remorse that he went into the attic and hung himself from the rafters how true this is I do not know, the family graves are in the churchyard and the graves of three sisters are there.

Marcus had been the first to contact Irene he was worried for Harriet's health; she had not been sleeping well. She had been experiencing disturbing occurrences in bed at night.

Irene's story.

When I spoke to Marcus he explained, how at times when Harriet had retired before him, that when getting into bed and settling down the bed would shake as if by invisible hands. Many times Harriet has reported to Marcus that when lying in bed she saw spirits; she also described how they would come towards her and push their faces right up close to her face. Marcus was concerned this thing would get worse and its toll would be deferential to Harriet's health.

I asked to talk to Harriet, when we spoke our conversation was intellectual. I realised very quickly that Harriet had psychic abilities; even though she was unaware of this. Monitoring over a period time as to what was happening at the cottage, I got to know Harriet and Marcus well. By this stage I had already picked up that there was two positive and one negative entities. For this family to have any peace I knew it was coming close to for the need to do a clearing.

On a Thursday night around two or three in the morning and in bed, the spirit world made their first contact to me on this case. Now this is going to be difficult to explain, I will try my best to do this. The darkness in my room lit up; as I sat up in bed, I saw my double wrought iron gates, just as if they were in my bedroom. Just at the bottom of my bed a smart man in modern day clothes stood on the other side of the gates, I felt no fear of this vision at all and as I watched, he opened one side of the gates and stepped through.

I asked spirit what this was all about and was told that a clearing would take place that night. The man was a spirit guide who would help. I asked why the clothes and my answer was if he had showed himself as he should have been in robes that I would have been startled. I was told this clearing was going to be very different to the way I was used to and that it was to be done through using colour and this colour was to be Green.

What happened next, I have no answers for? I have helped spirits to find their way, often in my sleep. If I was asleep or in a deep meditative state, astral travelling or even awake I do not know. I saw myself with the smart well-dressed man in the sitting room of Harriet's cottage. There was someone else there; it was the young man that Harriet had reported seeing. I knew what I had to do, that was to visualize the room and everything in it in this Green colour. As I did this, I saw a portal open, I recall seeing one of the spirit forms move into it. Then it was time for me to encourage the young man to go forward and enter it. As he went through the portal, I remember no more.

The morning after the telephone rang. It was Marcus; he asked me if I had done anything during the night. I quietly listened to Marcus as he explained to me that both of them had felt that something strange had happened. When both got out of bed in the morning, the cottage felt very different.

I know that the first spirit that went through was positive energies and the negative energies were that of the young man, the third was also positive energies. I believe that this positive energy did not go instead used its freewill to remain.

The couple still have their door banger and stair walker, the Monk, who is most likely the one who remained through freewill. Maybe as a protector for the house or is he looking for something. Anyway, I will go back at a later date when the time is right… that is if it happens to fall in my lifetime.

The story does not end here, a few days later I found myself at the scene outside of the cottage by the road. Another young man was heading in the direction of the cottage as he approached I raised my vibrations and realized he had been in the tank core during WW2. His home had been in a nearby village and he had lost his way. I sent him to the light.

I wanted to have this story put on to this site to show how not all rescues run in the same way each one is different and rescues can be done in many ways depending on the situation and the guidance from those in the next world.