SARI - The New Leaders
in Alternative Research

Welcome to the Supernatural Analysis and Research Institute (SARI), a center for higher learning that you will not find on any college campus or state-sanctioned institution. Instead, SARI is a growing collection of free-thinkers who are not satisfied with the standard explanations of our highly strange and wonderous multi-verse provided by mainstream science or religions. Even the mainstream paranormal community has fallen victim to regurgitating the same unproven mantras and cliches that are spouted from the mouths of producer-controlled investigators on the current crop of paranormal television shows.

It is the goal of SARI to bring to the forefront the latest theories, ideas and concepts that push the boundries of our knowledge of the strange and paranormal, and help us as a species to take the necessary steps to break free of our fragile and obsolete concept of reality while embracing a universe that stretches the boundaries of our imagination.

Here at SARI there is no limit to the topics that we will cover in our research -- ghost & spirits, UFO & aliens, cryptids and humaniod creatures, parallel universes & alternate realities; our researchers and affiliates will offer new and unique theories, interview eyewitnesses, and thoroughly investigate all aspects of high strangeness that appear to exist in our known universe and beyond.

SARI will also be conducting our own investigations into some of the greatest mysteries around the world. Our researchers come from a variety of backgrounds which enables them to explore all angles of each case they investigate. SARI conducts research into all types of supernatural phenomenon, both to expand our knowledge and to help those in need. If you need help with a paranormal issue, please contact our team and we will look into your case. All SARI investigations are 100% free of charge.

Latest News & Updates

Our own Co-Director of SARI Mark Johnson conducts an investigation of the infamous Clinton Road in West Milford, NJ.

We Accept Donations

The Supernatural Analysis and Research Intsitute is a not-for-profit organization that self-funds all of our own research endeavors. We do not charge for our investigations, and our investigators pay for their equipment and travel expenses out of their own pockets. At times this can make it challenging for our team to conduct investigations in some areas as we will need to travel to certain locations around the world in order to perform investigations.

We have provided a Donate button through PayPal for anyone that would like to contribute to funding our research. Anyone who provides a donation of over $60 will receive an autographed copy of Irene Allen-Block & Mark Johnson's new book "Demons Dwell - The Tower". This is our way of expressing our gratitute for your contribution with helping us continue our research.


The brand new novel by SRI Directors Irene Allen-Block and Mark Johnson, The first book in the Demons Dwell Series --The Tower tells the story of two paranormal investigators who find themselves involved in a dark mystery in a small Italian village along the Amaflitana Coast in the early 1980's.

Demons Dwell: The Tower is now available at in both soft cover and Kindle format.